Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Central Heating Skin Saviours.

My skin has a mind of it's own at this time of year - particularly my lips and hands. The air-con at work dries my lips out so much and they central heating at home makes my skin really confused. I've never been more thankful for an amazing lip balm and barrier cream to enter my life. I was kindly sent these items from Farmaline to give my skin that much needed boost as we move into spring. 

The Cicaplast Barrier Repairing Balm* for lips from La Roche Posay is the ultimate lip balm. My lips are unbelievably dry the majority of the time and I will have a good few lip balms rolling around in my bag constantly. However since I've been using this once in the morning pre-skincare routine and once before bed I've not been needing to apply anything else. This does exactly what it says on the tin - it's a thick barrier cream texture, it's clear so doesn't leave that awful white residue and it tastes pretty yummy too. This is a new favourite of mine, I don't have anything negative to say.

The second item I received was the Cicaplast Baume B5* which is a gorgeously thick repair balm which can be used pretty much anywhere. I've been applying this to my nose area to relieve some dryness I've been experiencing and it's done a fantastic job. You need the tiniest amount of this balm to pop on the dry area and you're good to go. This does leave a 'barrier' so the skin is protected, however it is clear and matte so you're not left with a weird residue. This is a great multi-purpose balm that will firmly take a place in my handbag.

Katie xx



  1. these are two of my favourite products from la roche posay, the cicaplast baume has been a long time favourite with the lip balm being a new favourite! just so good for my lips and skin

  2. Never heard of these before, so will defo have to give them a try!

    Thanks for sending me your link in sunday's #bbloggers chat but I'm already following you :)
    I'm over at Lots of Love, Me. if you fancy a peek :)

    Vicky xxx

  3. Glad you enjoyed them! Let me know if you need anything else :)


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