Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ombre Do's & Don'ts.

As you all know, I've had Ombre hair for the past 6 months or so. I really love the style and it may be a little 2013 but I'm still rocking it. I thought I would do a little 'how to', 'tips and tricks' sort of post, for anyone thinking of ombre at home.

First up. these are the products I used this time round. I'm generally not too fussed on what goes on my roots, as it literally just goes onto the area of re-growth. The ombre colour however, I do like to use the same one every time. Bblonde from Jerome Russell works for me every time and I've always had the best results from this. I picked this box up in Savers for £3.99 but you can get it in Boots/Superdrug for a little more.

The bleach is really easy to mix and you get all the equipment you could possibly need to start painting your hair.

A few do's and don'ts:

DO section your hair before putting on the gloves
DO brush your hair thoroughly before applying anything
DO bleach your hair in a well ventilated room
DO protect your clothing
DO follow the instructions on the box

DON'T apply too much bleach at a time
DON'T bleach huge sections at a time
DON'T leave the bleach on for any longer than the time stated on the box

For the ombre look, I firstly separate my hair into two sections, usually by putting half a pony tail in. I tend to get around 2 inch sections and apply the bleach in small sections rather than huge clumps. I then use my hands and sort of 'back comb' with my fingers to create an uneven look. I then repeat the process with the next few inches of hair, making sure I don't bleach to the exact point of the last strand - that way you don't end up with a straight line around your head. I then just continue the process until I'm happy.

As we all know maintaining blonde hair can be quite difficult. As I only wash my hair twice times a week I like to apply a toner every time I wash, to prevent too much brassiness. After rinsing out the colour I apply a toning shampoo (there is one in the bleach box!) to the ends of my hair and leave for as long as I can.

DO expect a little purpley/silver tone to your hair if you leave the toner on too long
DON'T apply a darker colour to freshly bleached hair - it is very porous

After using a toning shampoo, I wash as normal and leave my conditioner in for a good 5 minutes. I will then towel dry my hair, apply a hair oil and split end treatment and give it a good blast with my hairdryer. I'm all for natural drying hair, but I have a weird thing about wet hair so I have to give it a quick once over.

DO use a hair mask if available
DO expect your ends to be dry

If I have a little time I will DIY a toning mask from my Touch of silver Shampoo and a regular conditioner - I leave this on for about 10-15 mins before washing my hair.

I hope this has been a little helpful, please leave any questions below!

Katie xx


  1. I also used to have ombre hair and I really liked it,
    I think you look amazing with that hair colour
    and you shouldn't care that it might have been a bigger
    trend in 2013. ;)

  2. I love having ombre hair! I use the l'oreal ombre kit though, but I might try this one seeing as it's way cheaper!

    lisatakespictures xo

  3. It suits you soo much, I took the plunge and it went pretty bad, but I will definitely bear these tips in mind xxx

  4. Super helpful tips (:

  5. Really want to dip dye my hair, but it's so damaged already. These are great tips though!x

  6. Really useful DIY thankyou. My hair is a little too short to be thinking of going ombre anytime soon but I've saved this for later.



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