Thursday, 27 February 2014

LUSH: Mother's Day & Easter.


I love LUSH's seasonal ranges, and this years Easter and Mother's Day collections are no exception. They have so adorable bits and bobs in LUSH at the mo and on their website, but bubble bars are by far my favourite thing from LUSH. I picked up one item from the Mother's day range and one from their Easter collection, both were too cute to leave behind.

Firstly, I grabbed the Mumkin which is the brightest fushia ever. This smells super strong, sort of florally sweetness and really perfect for the coming Spring. I've so far only used the 'lid' of the Mumkin and as always a little goes a long way with their bubble bars, it filled my bath with pleanty of bubbles and left my bathroom smelling delicious.

The second item I picked up and practically ran to the till with. You all know my obsession love for rabbits and this little bunny bubble bar was too cute to leave behind. Not only is it shaped like my favourite thing ever, it is also scented with my favourite bubble bar. This smells exactly like Creamy Candy bubble bars, which are my all time fave. This is just the perfect bubble bar all rolled into one, I can see I will be picking up a few more of these before Easter arrives.

Have you bought anything from the new collections?

Katie xx

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

French Skincare.

I'm pretty much crazy for French skincare and for me Escentual is usually the best place to find it. A few weeks back they were offering 25% off all orders, so of course I couldn't resist. I firstly picked up a product from a brand I adore, La Roche-Posay. My skin loves all of the products I've tried and I just can't get enough of the Effeclar Duo (actual miracle worker, but that's another story). I've been running low on my Serozinc toner for a little while, and although I love it, it's pretty hard to get hold of and I'm not sure that I need it that much in my life. As an alternative I picked up the mini version of the Thermal Spring Water for Sensitive Skin. I went with the travel size so I could give this a whirl and at £3.50, I haven't lost out if I hate it.
The other item I added to my basket was quite random. I was flicking through the pages of French skincare and came across A-Derma, which is a new brand to me. My REN moisturiser is just coming to the end and I really wanted to try something new, and after spotting the Epitheliale A.H. on a whim, I thought I'd give it a go. This is in the perfect packaging for me, for some reason I love a good old tube, however the nozzle is pretty small so it takes some amount of squeezing. As a facial moisturiser this isn't the best as it's quite sticky, but it's marketed as a 'repair' cream, it does a pretty good job of healing scarring from breakouts. I do get small patches of psoriasis and this seems to be giving them a helping hand too. If you suffer from skin complaints of any sort, give this a go and for £5.60 you can't really go wrong.
Katie xx

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

OOTD: Monochrome Magic.

Hat - H&M
Coat - River Island
Jumper - Mango via ASOS
Leggings - Primark
Boots - Primark
Bag - Topshop

Apologies for the toilet OOTD here, and the dirty mirror situation, but I wanted to show you all what I wore to attend an event this weekend. I adore ASOS sale, which is where I picked up this gorgeous jumper. It's quite oversized and comfy, and super easy to wear. I love the monochrome look and this OOTD just about matched the grey skies of Manchester this weekend. 

I've suddenly jumped on the accessories bandwagon and I'm LOVING hats. This is a totally new thing for me as I've always avoided hats in the past, however since trying one on from Ark I knew I need to invest. I picked up this little number for a tiny £7.99 in H&M and I love it.

Katie xx

Monday, 24 February 2014

My life in photos.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Instagram, not only taking photos and uploading but I love being nosey at other people's lives too. It seems such a shame that Instagram photos are stuck online, so when Inkifi* asked if I'd like to print some of my photos, I couldn't wait to choose some of my faves.

I ordered the Miniprints, which are super cute. They're about credit card sized so they would make perfect business cards if you were looking for something a little different. They come with a matte finish, which I really like - I'm not into super glossy photos unless I'm flicking through a magazine. Inkifi were really great, I popped my order in on a Thursday and they'd arrived by the following Wednesday - some super quick printing. I love have my photos in 'real life' as well as on Instagram, they look cute on my fridge. It's nice to have memories to look at whenever I like!

Katie xx

MCR Fashion Week: Dates for your diary.

 Image provided by MCRFW team

A few weeks back I posted some exciting news about being an official Manchester Fashion Week Blogger (post here). Now I'm even more excited to announce the dates for Manchester Fashion Week, which will be 18th - 21st April 2014. Just for a heads up this is Easter weekend, so hopefully people will have a lovely four day weekend and join us for MCRFW. There will be lots of exciting events taking place at Halle St Peters in Ancoats over the weekend, with models from PHA Models strutting their stuff and designers showing off their new collections.

I will keep you updated with up and coming dates and events to pop in your diary and you can keep up to date with all fashion week news at the hashtag #MCRFW. Tickets will be on sale from March here.

I hope to see you there!

Katie xx

Sunday, 23 February 2014

My Holy Grail Foundation.

Clarins Skin Illusion Foundation in 103
Just applied Skin Illusion foundation, set with translucent setting powder - photo taken in natural light
After around 6 hours wear in artificial light AKA Primark fitting room

Stop girls, the search for the perfect foundation is over! I think I may have found my HG foundation. I had a sample tester thing from Clarins a few months back of the Skin Illusion foundation. I actually went in to try the Extra Comfort foundation but the lady recommended the SI for my skin type and the coverage I wanted. And my God I'm glad she did. It was one of those samples that I tried and after it ran out I just couldn't get it out of my head. I managed to get my hands on another sample size from the Clarins counted just to make sure this was 'the one' and of course it also impressed me no end. So I finally took the plunge and bought the full size and I've never been happier with a foundation purchase.

The foundation is a really light consistency and gives a sheer, light to medium coverage however it is buildable. I was looking for a light coverage as I don't like the heaviness of a full cover foundation and this is just the perfect finish for me. It is the tiniest bit dewy when you first apply, I tend to use a setting powder everyday so this makes it appear matte as in the photos, however it certainly doesn't need a setting powder. The staying power on my skin type (normal/dry) is incredible and better than any other foundation I've tried, and trust me, I've tried a lot. The colour range is pretty good, I obviously wear the lightest shade which is 103 and you've got to go some to be paler skinned than me!

I'm struggling to find a fault with this foundation, it's just the ultimate base in my eyes and it gives me a flawless finish every time. 

I picked this up from Boots (advantage card points!) but you can get your hands on it at any Clarins counter. If you're passing make sure you ask for a sample and let me know what you think!

Katie xx

Friday, 21 February 2014

Sugar & Vice.

All through my teens jewellery was my 'thing', I had tonnes of it (and I mean tonnes!) but gradually my collection has been getting smaller. For me rings are a no-no as I wear my wedding/engagement rings and a Pandora ring on my right hand everyday, anything extra is just a little too much. I'm not a big earring wearer either, in fact I can't remember the last time I had regular studs in my lobes - of course my other piercings always have jewellery in, but that doesn't count(?!). 

When Sugar & Vice* asked if I'd like to try something from their new Mermaid Collection, I jumped at the chance and was really excited to receive a good statement necklace. This is an acrylic necklace of an Oyster, which is just the cutest thing. I love the 3D effect of the acrylic and the oyster shell is actually mirrored. The best thing about this necklace for me in the pearl, my birthstone is a pearl so I've always loved them and it just makes this necklace that little bit more special.

I adore the other designs from Sugar & Vice, particularly these cat necklaces. They also do lucky dip bags, which in my eyes you can't go wrong with, so many cute designs, you're bound to get something you love.

Check out the oyster necklace and the rest of the Mermaid Collection here.

Katie xx


Thursday, 20 February 2014

Farewell Muslin Cloths.

Just after I got into blogging, I completely changed the way I removed my make-up. Ever since then I've been on the hunt for my perfect routine and trialling products until I'm satisfied. So far I've mastered my favourite toner, serum and facial oil, but the rest of my skincare isn't quite perfect yet. Going back to my teenage years my only skincare was a cotton wool pad and water, wow I was naive. I was quickly converted to the well known muslin cloths of the blogging world, and have pretty much used them everyday since - until now.
I picked up the Sarah Chapman Cleansing Mitts a few weeks back, in my pay day haul, from Space NK. They come in a pack of four for £12, which I thought was a pretty good deal considering how long they will last. They're really thick, with one side being quite flannel like and the other is much less coarse. I like to use the flannel side for removing make up, with my first cleanse and the alternative side for my second cleanse. I find using the flannel side a few times a week on a morning, gives a really gentle exfoliation too.
They are shaped perfectly and as you pop your hand in, I feel you can get a really good cleanse and get into all your nooks and crannies. I always feel super clean and refreshed after using these, and I've never noticed how much I disliked the muslin cloths until picking these up. They hold heat in much better than a muslin cloth, so you don't end washing your face with tepid water. I'm also really impressed at how clean they come up, after being in the wash.
You can pick these up from Space NK stores or online here.
Katie xx

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Cyprus in the Spring.

Untitled #63

I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before, but I'm off to Cyprus with uni at the beginning of April. It is very much a 'working break' but the sun will be more than welcomed. Although the majority of my time in Cyprus will be spent indoors with super strong air-con, I wanted to get some summery clothes for my free time and evenings.

I've never been to Cyprus in the Spring, in fact I've never been at all, so I'm not really 'down' with the right clothes to take. I've heard it will be early 20s temperature wise, so quite like our British summers (when we're lucky enough to get one). So with that in mind, I'm looking for the perfect summer dresses that will be cool enough during the day and still look cute with a cardigan for the cooler evenings.

I adore this floral Miss Selfridge Tshirt Slip Dress I think it's the perfect mix for spring/summer time and would look casual but smart enough for eating out. In Love with Fashion have some amazing summer items in at the moment, I thought this Kimono would look really cute over a plain dress or with a tee and shorts. The aqua blue sundress is gorgeous too and that colour would look amazing with sunkissed skin.

I'm not expecting it to be warm enough to swim in the sea, but we do have a pool and with a bit of luck it will be heated. I think this spotted swimsuit from Swimwear 365 is adorable, the under-wiring makes it look super flattering. I'm all about the high waisted look when it comes to bikinis so I think this one from Topshop would look perfect for lounging in the sunshine.

Of course, I couldn't be heading towards the sun with out some sunglasses. I've been desperate to get my hands on some Ray-Bans for so long, and the shape of these one's from Sunglasses Hut are perfect. And for a slightly more purse-friendly option I'm loving these round sunglasses from Motel, I adore round glasses so these would be perfect.

Have you ever been to Cyprus in the Spring? What should I take?

Katie xx


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare.

I'm forever looking for new skin care, and always on the hunt to find me ultimate cleanser. When some Aurelia Probiotic Skincare* samples landed in my post box, I was super excited to give them a go.

 First of the sample I tried was the Miracle Cleanser, I wasn't sure what to expect and for some reason thought this would be more of a cleansing balm. However this is a really creamy cleanser, that you need the smallest amount of to massage into skin. I used this as my second cleanse and my skin adores this stuff. I don't think I've ever seen it so radiant - I'm assuming this is down to the probiotics and lactic acid in this cleanser. The scent reminds me a lot of the Liz Earl C&P but this is a much lighter consistency, so if the C&P is just a bit too thick for you, this could be the answer. I hoping to pick a full size tub of this up ASAP.

You all know I'm a huge fan of facial oils, having dry patches mean an oil is great for doing it's work overnight. I've been trying the Revitalise & Glow Serum and the Cell Repair Night Oil - which both are to die for. There isn't much I dislike about these two products, they smell amazing and sink straight into the skin, leaving you looking gorgeously fresh-faced.

Finally, I've been giving Cell Revitalise Night Moisturiser a whirl. A lovely moisturiser with a sort of medium-texture so would be perfect for all skin types. Of course, this smells amazing, just like the rest of the range and leaves your skin feeling super soft. It's really soothing, especially during these cold months, it's a treat to apply this when you've been facing the elements all day.

Unfortunately, Aurelia is only available online at the moment (you know my feelings on P&P prices). You can browse the range here or online at Space NK. Fingers crossed this will be easier to pick up soon, as I certainly need to stock up on that perfect cleanser.  

Katie xx


Monday, 17 February 2014

MAC Bargains.

I'm sure I've shared my love for The Cosmetics Company at Cheshire Oaks before. If you've never been in one of their stores, drop everything and go find one now. There are so amazing bargains from Origins, Bobbi Brown and Smashbox to Estee Lauder, Bumble and Bumble and Ojon - it's well worth a browse. This time around I came home with some gorgeous MAC goodies.

I picked up an eyeshadow in Vex, which I've actually now de-potted, for £8.75. This could is gorgeous and there was plenty of choice with a pretty good discount, considering these retail for £13 each. I was pretty proud of myself de-potting it too, but that's another story.

Secondly, I picked up the Viva Glam Nicki 2 Lipglass for £10. I loved the Nicki range when it originally came out but didn't manage to pick anything up. This Lipglass is a perfect consistency and just the right amount of colour pay off, a perfect everyday gloss.

Katie xx

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Ombre Do's & Don'ts.

As you all know, I've had Ombre hair for the past 6 months or so. I really love the style and it may be a little 2013 but I'm still rocking it. I thought I would do a little 'how to', 'tips and tricks' sort of post, for anyone thinking of ombre at home.

First up. these are the products I used this time round. I'm generally not too fussed on what goes on my roots, as it literally just goes onto the area of re-growth. The ombre colour however, I do like to use the same one every time. Bblonde from Jerome Russell works for me every time and I've always had the best results from this. I picked this box up in Savers for £3.99 but you can get it in Boots/Superdrug for a little more.

The bleach is really easy to mix and you get all the equipment you could possibly need to start painting your hair.

A few do's and don'ts:

DO section your hair before putting on the gloves
DO brush your hair thoroughly before applying anything
DO bleach your hair in a well ventilated room
DO protect your clothing
DO follow the instructions on the box

DON'T apply too much bleach at a time
DON'T bleach huge sections at a time
DON'T leave the bleach on for any longer than the time stated on the box

For the ombre look, I firstly separate my hair into two sections, usually by putting half a pony tail in. I tend to get around 2 inch sections and apply the bleach in small sections rather than huge clumps. I then use my hands and sort of 'back comb' with my fingers to create an uneven look. I then repeat the process with the next few inches of hair, making sure I don't bleach to the exact point of the last strand - that way you don't end up with a straight line around your head. I then just continue the process until I'm happy.

As we all know maintaining blonde hair can be quite difficult. As I only wash my hair twice times a week I like to apply a toner every time I wash, to prevent too much brassiness. After rinsing out the colour I apply a toning shampoo (there is one in the bleach box!) to the ends of my hair and leave for as long as I can.

DO expect a little purpley/silver tone to your hair if you leave the toner on too long
DON'T apply a darker colour to freshly bleached hair - it is very porous

After using a toning shampoo, I wash as normal and leave my conditioner in for a good 5 minutes. I will then towel dry my hair, apply a hair oil and split end treatment and give it a good blast with my hairdryer. I'm all for natural drying hair, but I have a weird thing about wet hair so I have to give it a quick once over.

DO use a hair mask if available
DO expect your ends to be dry

If I have a little time I will DIY a toning mask from my Touch of silver Shampoo and a regular conditioner - I leave this on for about 10-15 mins before washing my hair.

I hope this has been a little helpful, please leave any questions below!

Katie xx

Friday, 14 February 2014

Tea 4/2 Manchester.

 Image from Google

Sometimes I get so excited about a new foodie find, that I need to share it with the world. And this is exactly what happened when I visited Tea 4/2 in Manchester last week. FYI this is in no way a sponsored post - it was just bloody lovely.

 I'd walked past this cute and quirky cafe-esque eatery a million times but I'd never actually been in. Being gluten free means it's generally pretty tricky to find somewhere for an afternoon snack when I'm out and about. However, my prayers have now been answered and I've found my go-to place for my regular visits to Manchester

Tea 4/2 offers a pretty much entire gluten free menu: cakes, pies, afternoon tea and more - making it the ideal spot for me. I could order ANY cake, which I was amazed by and I was truly spoilt for choice - not something that happens very often in GF living. After much deliberating I finally settled for the chocolate layer cake, and my God it was good. Charlotte went with the chocolate brownie, which looked equally delicious and we some how were both defeated by the huge portions.

As well as a crazy selection of GF goodies, Tea 4/2 offers a lot of choice when it comes to tea. I'm not a big tea drinker, but I can certainly say a few of the flavours sounded amazing - I've been eyeing up 'Cherry Pop' for my next visit. I seriously can't wait for my next trip to Manc!

Katie xx

Thursday, 13 February 2014

MCR Fashion Week Blogger.

Outfit photos from WamBam Photography

Last Sunday I attended a really exciting event, I am now an official Manchester Fashion Week Blogger! This was my first event with the MCRFW team and it was an opportunity to get to know the other bloggers and get some photos for the website. The event was held at the gorgeous Radisson Blu Edwardian Hotel in Manchester, with the most stunning views of Manchester even on a cloudy February day.

We also had chance to peruse a few items from Ark Clothing, I adored the tartan dresses and the beautiful black beaded collar dress. I also had a little fun trying on some of the hats from Ark's collection and I'm now obsessed with tracking this hat down. I never suit hats, but I actually really like this one.

As well as all this, we were given some exciting dates for MCRFW and as soon as I have the press release I will let you all know the dates of the 40+ shows - exciting times!

Katie xx

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Clarins Spring Collection.


You know when you're going about your daily business and come to find a rather exciting package land on your doorstep? We that happened last week, and let me tell you, I couldn't get that cheesy grin off my face.

As you all know, Clarins is up there with my all time favourite brands. I love every product I've tried, they're always so lux and really well thought out. So of course I had very high hopes when a selection of the Spring Collection* make up products landed in my hands - and of course they do not disappoint.

First up lets focus on this amazing eyeshadow palette. This is the Ombre mineral colour palette in Vibrant Light. The shades are gorgeous are really wearable, I'm very much into purples at the moment so this the perfect shade combo for me. The highlighting shade is incredible too, the perfect bit of light reflecting power, truly beautiful.

I am a sucker for a blush and these are no exception. I was kindly sent the cream blushes in Peach and Grenadine, and they're perfect. They have a gorgeous consistency and immediately change from cream to powder when blended out on your skin. So so pretty.

Next up is the Instant Light Radiant Boost, I've been applying this straight under my foundation everyday since it arrived. It not only keeps my make up in place all day, but it really gives me a natural glow and makes my foundation look even more flawless. I genuinely don't think I could be without this little baby now.

Finally, lovely, lovely lip products. I've seen this amazing Gloss in Crystal floating around the blogesphere, and I've majorly been lusting after it. This is something every girl needs in her make up bag, a perfectly crystal clear lipgloss. And these beautiful lipsticks are so pretty, I nearly swatched them before taking these photos. I somehow refrained and managed to capture their gorgeousness. I have Tropical Pink which is a vibrant pink, with a corally undertone and will look perfect as we move into spring. The second is Pink Orchid, which is a beautiful deep pink, metallicy shade, really sophisticated and grown up.

Check out the whole Clarins range here

What have you got your eye on?

Katie xx


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Pay Day Haul.

 I may have spent a few too many pennies, when I was shopping with Charlotte on Friday. We had a lovely afternoon swatching every possible Nars blush and spending far too much time and money in Selfridges. So I thought I would pop up a little haul as I don't get to do this very often, here's what I bought:
 MAC Creme Cup Lipstick
NARS Villa Lante Satin Lip Pencil
Kate Moss Rimmel Lipstick in 110 
 Autograph Pure Luxe Highlighting Powder from M&S
Estee Lauder Raisins Palette from a blog sale
Clarins Skin Illusion in 103
 Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish
Sarah Chapman Cleansing Mitts
MAC empty quad
MAC eyeshadow in Pink Venus and Patina

Chunky Heel Sandals - Primark

Katie xx

Monday, 10 February 2014


I fell in love with Steamcream* some time ago. I love that is a complete multi-tasking product that is safe to use pretty much anywhere. It's packed full of natural ingredients from oatmeal to almond oil, which not only makes it super kind to your skin but also makes Steamcream smell amazing.

I'm sure you're all aware that Steamcream comes in a little pot and each come with a cool, quirky design. I was lucky enough to be sent pone of their new creations Thalia - which is a 'tribute to Mother Nature'. This look incredibly pretty on my dressing table, the floral design is really stylish and it certainly doesn't look like it holds a body cream. I love this product and the fact you can pick which ever design takes your fancy - I will definitely be investing in some more.

You can check out the full range here.

Katie xx 
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