Saturday, 11 January 2014

Specspost Home Trial - I NEED YOUR HELP!

Today I need a little help from you guys...the lovely Charlotte at Specspost sent me out a glasses trial, so I could try some specs before deciding one which frame is right for me. I've been kind of overwhelmed with choice and this is where you lot come in - which do you like best? All of the frames are amazing quality and the perfect size for me pea head - I always struggle getting glasses to fit me so I'm really excited to say all of these frames do! 

Specspost offer an amazing home trial allowing you to try your glasses before you buy. Plus they actually make petite frames for little people like me - it's about time I found some glasses that were the perfect fit. The best thing about Specspost for me is the price. All of the glasses are really affordable meaning you can pick up a few pairs for the same price as one on the highstreet. 

I'm really impressed with Specspost but now I'm left with the tricky choice of the pair for me. I really like the pink ones (4th along top row) but for work I'm not sure if they are practical. There is just something lovely about round glasses, I think the second ones in could be my favourite. And the hubby really likes the final pair..Too. Much. Choice. Help a girl out?

Katie xx



  1. I really like the very last pair! x

  2. I think 1, 5, 7 and 8 suit you best shape-wise :) xx

    Charley // BeautyRobot

  3. I like the last pair, but you suit all of them! xx

  4. Personally I think the 1st and 8th ones look best on you they match your face shape more and the colour is neutral making them perfect for your work :) x

  5. My favourites are the second left on the top row! :)

  6. I love the second pair - nice vintage feel to them but they'd go with just about any outfit. They're distinctive, but you're wearing them rather than the other way around

  7. I love the pink ones, go for them, they're very different, so are definitely good for making a statement with!



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