Monday, 13 January 2014

My Beauty Compare.

There's a new kid on the block when it comes to shopping for beauty product online. My Beauty Compare is a website designed for anyone and everyone to help them choose the right products for them. 

When signing up to MBC you fill out a personalised questionnaire all about you. Your skin type, hair type, eye colour and everything else in between. This is so the website can choose products tailored to your needs. For example, I get quite a dry, itchy scalp - MBC advised me on which shampoo's I should be looking out for - pretty cool. It also mean not everyone's experience of the website will be the same, it adds a little bit of uniqueness to online shopping.

Here the website has selected the perfect eye shadows for my colour eye - blue. In fact, I've recently got into wearing purples and they really do compliment my eye colour. I adore the look of both the palettes too! 
MBC very kindly provides you with where you can buy these products online, and how much they will cost inc. P&P. This is really handy and it means I won't be trawling the net trying to find my perfect shampoo! 
The only little downside to MBC is it's still quite American and it doe suggest some products that aren't readily or easily available in the UK. However the site is still quite new and under development so fingers crossed more UK products will be added!

You can check out My Beauty Compare here.

Katie xx

*In association with My Beauty Compare



  1. This sounds like a very useful website x

  2. this sounds like such a great website, definitely useful for us in Australia since makeup is sooo pricey!! Thanks for that, we'll have to check them out!


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