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Foundations for pale skin.

My beloved Bourjois foundations are a little dark for me at this time of year, so I've been on the hunt for a lighter alternative. Being so pale is annoying at times, plus my face is slightly darker than my neck so I have to be careful not to look like I've been Tango'd when finding the perfect base. I've heard a lot about Rimmel Match Perfection recently, their colour range is pretty amazing for a 'drugstore' foundation so this was firmly on my list to try. My second new foundation is the KORRES Ginger and Vitamins foundation - this was completely bought on a whim because I love the packaging, during a Fragrance Direct haul a few weeks back.

I will start with the Rimmel Match Perfection in Ivory. This is actually the second lightest shade in the collection as Body Care didn't have the next shade up. However it's a pretty good match for my skin. This is a medium coverage foundation, it's easy to blend and a little goes a long way. 

This is perfect for dry/normal skinned girls as it does leave you a little dewy, but that is nothing a little setting powder can't sort out. Wear time I would say around 6-8 hours, I have pretty dry skin and don't generally wear a primer, but this stuff seems to stay in place after a full day at uni. The staying power isn't as good as Healthy Mix or 123 Perfect, but the shade range certainly makes up for it.

Rimmel Match Perfection - £4.99

Next is the KORRES Ginger and Vitamins in LF1. This comes out a lot pinkier toned than the latter, and is actually a little darker than it looked on the website. This is REALLY light coverage, in fact I would refer to this as a tinted moisturiser, rather than a foundation. Again, this probably isn't great for oily skin, this has maybe a bit too much of a dewy finish, but sits well on dry skin. 

This foundation actually seems too blend out well, to near enough match my skin tone. It is really light in texture, a lot different to the Match Perfection and kind of 'greasy' feeling so there is no choice about powder with using this one. Once it's set in place I like to finish an the rest of my make up sits on top well. Wear time is around 4-6 hours, after that I feel a little annoyed with it and have to take it off, so it's perfect for running out to the shops but not so great for a night out.

KORRES Ginger and Vitamins Foundation - £3.99

Overall, I much prefer the Rimmel Match Perfection, it leaves my skin pretty flawless and I don't have to add concealer other than under my eyes, which is always a bonus. The KORRES isn't a total disappointment and will probably suit me more during the summer months when I have a little more colour in my cheeks. However, for now it's certainly worth paying the extra £1 for a better coverage and huge shade range.

Katie xx


  1. Great review-love this foundation!

  2. Can't wait to try the Rimmel Match Perfection!

  3. I love the look of Match Perfection, it looks really pale even at the second lightest shade! Great price too. Think I'll have to pick this up, thanks x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  4. Ooh the Rimmel Match Perfection looks amazing, I always assume their foundations will be a little on the darker side so I never check them out, will have to have a look!

    Jennie xo |

  5. The Rimmel Match Perfection foundation is the one I'm currently using (I'm also pale) and it's the best foundation I've ever used :) xo

  6. I'm using the Rimmel in Ivory at the moment and thought it was the lightest shade! I love it but it's still too dark for my skin, especially in the winter months (in summer it's pretty much perfect!) Is there a lighter one? What shade is that? Great review - agree with everything xxx

    1. According to the website the lightest shade is 'light porcelain' :) x

  7. I really want to try the Match Perfection. I always thought their foundations but would too dark but I'll definitely be looking at this next time I'm in Boots :) x


  8. Such a great post!! As a pale girl myself , I find it really hard to find foundations that match my skin tone. But Rimmel match perfection is AMAZING! Lovely post :D
    Ava xox

  9. I find it so hard to find a good match for pale skin! With these being so cheap they are worth a try :) great post

    Katie xx | Katies World

  10. You are so right having pale skin is a nightmare especially at this time of year when it gets even paler!!
    I was tempted to try the korres on fragrance direct but the colour was sold out.

    Genna at Lipstick Crush


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