Monday, 30 December 2013

Sale Shopping Bargains.

I was pretty disappointed with the sales this year, especially at the Trafford Centre. However, we popped into Wigan and Warrington over the weekend and the sales seemed to be far better. I picked up some really exciting bargains so I thought I would share them with you.

Soap & Glory Powder Trip from Boots - Reduced from £20 to £10

I was so excited to find this. I've been dying to try the S&G  bronzers and blushes but at £11 each I thought they were a little pricey. When I spotted this little baby I was too excited, all three blush/bronzer/highlighters for less than the price of one!

Clarins Lip set - Reduced from £18 to £12
Clarins Winter Beauty Collection - £20 (with a Clarins purchase)

I am a HUGE Clarins fan, as you all know. I spotted this lip set in Boots before Christmas but it sold out before I could get my hands on it. I practically grabbed this off the shelf in Selfridges and I was too excited to see it had been reduced down to £12. 

I'm a sucker for a good deal and when the lady said I could pick up the Winter Beauty Collection exclusive to Selfridges for a tiny £20, I couldn't say no. You get a full size Hand and Nail treatment, body lotion, body scrub, a bath and shower concentrate (my fave), a mini lip gloss and a cute make up palette. Considering the Hand and Nail treatment is £20 alone, this is a pretty amazing deal.

Rabbit Onesie - Reduced from £20 to £10
Rabbit Slippers - Reduced from £12 to £6

Okay my obsession with rabbits is still going strong. I loved this rabbit print onesie ever since I laid my eyes on it. However, I couldn't quite justify the £20 price tag when I had a perfectly good onesie sat at home. My pug onesie has swifty made it's way to the back of my PJ drawer.

These slippers were too adorable to leave behind, they need no explanation, I just LOVE them.

Coat - River Island £60 reduced to £7.50

This has to be my biggest bargain by far. This was initially reduced to £30 in the sale however the poppers on the pockets have fallen off on the inside, which makes no difference to the look of the coat, but it does mean it was deemed faulty. If you've never discovered the River Island 'imperfect' rail before, it's well worth a look - an extra 75% off sale items!

Marks and Spencer
Butterfly Candle - Reduced from £15 to £10
Apivita Honey Set - Reduced from £10 to £5

I had a gift card to spend in M&S and I knew immediately that I wanted a new candle (I'm beyond obsessed..). I saw this beautiful butterfly candle in the sale and knew it had to be mine. I love that it's in a gorgeous ceramic jar and will look so pretty on my dressing table even after the candle has burnt.

I'm a huge fan of Apvita and their face masks are amazing. I was really impressed with this littler set - considering the face masks are £3 alone, I couldn't turn down this little baby.

I've also ordered some goodies from Lush's sale, I can't wait for them to arrive - expect a haul post!

What did you pick up in the sales?

Katie xx

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  1. Ohhh I love the Clarins products :) always amazing to grab them in the sale!! And the candle is so cute :) you've got some lovely bits!
    Hope you had a lovely Christmas :)
    Keep in touch
    Andrea xxx

  2. The Clarins products look really good, great deal!

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  3. Wow you got some amazing bargains! That River Island coat is so gorgeous, I really wish I'd looked in there when I went shopping :) Happy new year x

  4. Great goodies, and the coat is the best bargain ever!! River Island are great for reducing things x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  5. WOW! What an amazing bargain on that coat!!! I love it!

  6. Amazing bargains, especially your lovely coat! x

  7. I love the coat so much, great find!


  8. amazing sale buys, love the clarins and next buys especially. xx

  9. A £7 coat is ridiculously amazing! I only got one thing from the sales, I lost patience as it was so busy! xx

  10. I have been quite disappointed with the sales this year too. The Clarins sets you picked up were great! Esp the Lip Set

  11. That coat! Wowzer. I was a little disappointed with what was on offer in my local town and didn't walk away with much... i had better luck at Boots though. It's a shame my town is rubbish for shops really. Xx

  12. The coat is amazing!!!

  13. Great bargains! Think I'm going to do a little bit of sale shopping tomorrow :)

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  14. The rabbit slippers are adorable! Great haul! :-)

    Fiona @

  15. some really nice clarins items in there! enjoy!

  16. Ooh love a nice bit of Clarins! Those rabbit slippers are adorable xx

  17. Wow you got some real goodies!

  18. Reading your post I feel really bad about myself, I couldn't be bothered going among the masses so I stayed at home. I saved money but I have nothing :( Some amazing products you have there!

    Dash xx

  19. That coat is GORGEOUS. Amazing price, well done for finding it haha :)
    You got some bargains!!
    Beth x

  20. Some amazing finds here, particularly the coat - can't believe that was only £7.50 the hood looks super cosy and really like the floral lining too :).
    Emma |

  21. Some good bargains! :)

  22. How have I only just discovered your blog? It's blimmin' fantastic!
    I just got the S&G Powder Trip today, was an absolute bargain! I do love the bunny slippers!
    Lovely post!
    Lots of love, Kirsty xx

    I'm sooo jel! I NEED THAT COAT!


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