Monday, 23 December 2013

Perfect Pets: Molly.

Meet Georgina and her pooch Molly!

"Hey, Im Georgina from and I have a crazy black cockapoo called Molly! Shes just over a year old and she loved dirty underwear. If you leave it on the floor, molly will take it! This is something to be aware of especially when you have visitors around - Not leaving my underwear on the floor again haha We haven't had her for long because she is a little baby but she has become the center of family life, shes loud and crazy and she fits in perfeclty with the rest of us! Her favourite game is laying on the floor with my younger brother whilst they bark at each other and try to bite each others ears hahahah very strange, I know!
She loved the spotlights and always gets involved when i am trying to take blog photos! what a little poser!

Georgina xxx // @xxgeorgina18"

Thank you Georgina for taking part in Perfect Pets!

Katie xx

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