Monday, 2 December 2013

Perfect Pets: Marmite and Bruiser.

Introducing Shona and her cats Marmite and Bruiser:

"Marmite is the queen of the house and she is 6 years old, we got her when she was a kitten from a family friend. She spends her time sleeping on my bed or sitting on my mum's lap. She is a very affectionate cat but only towards me, my brother and mum really. Bruiser is about 3/4 years old and Marmite is actually his mum! Marmite had 4 kittens and we just had to keep 1 of them and Bruiser was the lucky one, he was actually nearly named Theodore! The picture of Bruiser basically sums him up, he spends his time eating, sleeping and winding up his mum! I love them both to bits and love seeing their furry faces every morning!"

Thanks for being part of Perfect Pets Shona - Check out her blog here.

Katie xx


  1. I love black cats they are so cute.


  2. YAY! My first cat was called Marmite and I've never heard any other cat with the name!

    If that's her bottom left she's very similar looking. Thanks for bringing back some very old memories of me and my little cat pal.

    beautiful kitties.



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