Sunday, 17 November 2013

Una Brennan Faves.

Both Boots:
Una Brennan Tea Flower Clay Mask - £8.99
Una Brennan Vitamin C+ Cleansing Oil - £10.99

You might recognise this photo from my mini-Boots haul a few weeks back, now I've tried some of my products I thought it was time for a little review. I'v tried a few Una Brennan products in the past and have been really impressed with the quality and price of the brand, and these are no exception.

First up the Tea Flower Clay Mask, I think this has become something of a cult product in the blogging world. It's raved about by many bloggers and Anna from Vivianna Does Make Up finally convinced me to by it after watching one of her videos. I've tried a few clay masks in the past and I don't particularly like the tight claustrophobic feeling you get after it's been on for five minutes. This one is a little different and is much lighter than any clay mask I've had before, which means you don't get that awful feeling of needing to wash your face ASAP. I can actually leave this mask on and carry on with my life without having to run to the bathroom and scrub my face.

The mask leaves my skin lovely and soft and really matte, so it's great for oily skinned girls but gentle enough for those with sensitive skin like me. The morning after using this, my skin seems to have that little bit more of a glow and that's when I really notice to good job that this mask does.

Next up is the Vitamin C+ Cleansing Oil. I knew it was time for me to pick up a new bottle of my beloved Body Shop Cleansing oil (review here) but I spotted this one in Boots with 1/3 off, so I thought why not give it a go. I'm so glad I did, I actually think I will never go back to my old oil. This has a delicious smell of oranges, which is a lot different to the Chamomile scent of the Body Shop's offering. The oils texture-wise are pretty much the same and leave my skin feeling amazing and so, so clean. Seriously, if you've still not tried a cleansing oil, go buy one now, it's even had the seal of approval from my hubby.

The only thing that I dislike about the cleaning oil, is the packaging. There is no pump which is a bit of a pain. Thankfully I still had the pump from my oil cleansing oil so I just trimmed it to size and taped it on my bottle. Other than that this product is pretty much perfect.

Have you tried anything from Una Brennan?

Katie xx



  1. This sounds perfect for my skin type! I love clay masks in general but even more so if i dont feel like im suffocatef!! Very helpful thank you xxx

  2. I've just picked up the Una Brennan Clay masque and I'm so excited about trying it :o). Xx

  3. I love the cleansing oil but, like you, really wish they'd include a pump - it's so messy without! The mask sounds lovely too, I think that may have to be the next product I try from the range :)

    Jess xo

  4. great post, haven't tried cleanings oil yet seems interesting.

  5. Ooh the clay mask sounds lovely! I keep hearing rave reviews about it so I think I need to get involved!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  6. I really want to try this cleansing oil! thanks for the review :)
    just started following you :) maybe you could check out my blog?

  7. Really good blog !
    Im following you :)

  8. I love the UB Rose hydrating mask, definitely need to try the clay mask though. Also loving the sound of the cleansing oil, I must hunt down a bottle x

    Amy / srslylou

  9. Excellent review! Love the sound of the mask, will definitely have to give it a go :)

  10. I've never tried anything from Una Brennan but I'm thinking I should as I always hear such good things! xx

  11. I so want to try the oil! You're selling it to me even more!

    Charlotte - xx


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