Friday, 8 November 2013

Scaredoo Hairbrush.

Scaredoo Hairbrush- £10.99*

The last few months I've noticed my beloved Tangle Teezer is just about on it's last legs after having it for almost two years I knew it was time to say goodbye. Thankfully Scaredoo got in touch and offered me one of their brushes to try. The brushes come in a few different colours, I picked this very vibrant yellow and coral brush, which I absolutely love. The brush has two sides to it, one is a 3-tiered brush with bristles long and short to help get through those pesky knots, and the other side is a lot like a paddle brush

The Scaredoo website actually directs you on how to use the brush best, for the type of hair you have. I have fine but longish hair so the Scaredoo website advises (here) I use the paddle brush for blow drying and the 3-tiers for getting at the ends of my hair when they get knotted. I like that this brush is suitable for any hair type, including extensions. It's also really light weight and the perfect size to pop in your hand bag, but be careful about protecting the bristles - I flip it over to the paddle brush side when I have it in my bag.

I love this brush, I genuinely think I will never go back to using a regular hair brush, it's just some much easier with a brush like this and much, much less painful when my hair has been caught up in a storm!

You can buy the Scaredoo brush from the website, each brush donates £1 to the Pink Ribbon Foundation too. 

Have you tried a brush like this?

Katie xx



  1. This is such a cute and unique brush!
    It sounds like the perfect brush to use for really tangled hair :P


  2. Do you prefer this to the tangle teezer? Cause I never thought a better hairbrush could exist? :-P



    1. I didn't think anything could replace my tangle teezer - BUT I think i prefer this as it doesn't pull any off my hair out! xx


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