Monday, 4 November 2013

Perfect Pets: Paloma.

Meet Tolly and Paloma!

"Paloma is a 2 year old female black cat. We're not 100% on her breed, but we think she is a Bombay cat. We bought her for Christmas, but certainly not just for Christmas as she is still with us even after moving from the UK to France (she meowed once on a 12 hour journey!) She's the cutest thing in the world! Paloma doesn't meow a lot, and she is really quite tame, she will only bite and play if she knows you well. She has round yellow eyes, and medium length hair. We keep her inside, but she is totally happy and has plenty of beams to climb over in our house! Dislikes: Laps - she isn't one of those cats! BBQ Smoke - if she's at the window and the smoke comes, she's gonna' run! Too many cuddles - She loves cuddles, strokes and scratches, but if you give her too much fuss, she might just bight you! Loves: Cake - any type of it! Warm Fires - I definitely think A/W is her time of year! Christmas Trees - she loves sitting under them and ripping of the bows from presents! 

Overall Paloma is a little monkey who loves cuddles and play time, but she's also a classic cat who loves to sleep!"

Thank you Tolly for showcasing Paloma! Check out Tolly's blog here.

Katie xx


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