Monday, 11 November 2013

Perfect Pets: Grizzle.

This week is Ema and Grizzle her cute Border Terrier!

''Grizzle is an 8 year old Border Terrier and my reason to smile most days. He's been by my side since he was 8 weeks old and has never left. We've been on many an adventure together and i couldn't imagine what life would be like without my little Grizzly bear! He likes long walks, smelling horses noses, riding shotgun with the roof down and ducks. He loves ducks. Grizzle has slept on my bed beside me since his first day with us and is scared of plastic beds.. I have no idea why! He's also scared of the dark, cats he doesn't know and people who sneeze. Yeah, i know, i raised one weird pup..  

His little face is full of character and the little things he does make me swear he's almost human. When we play fight he has to run off and get a teddy for backup. He swings his toys round and round then lets go and checks if anyone saw him. Oh and did i mention he wont eat food from someone else's plate? He has manners like that..''

Thank you Ema and Grizzle!

Katie xx



  1. Oh my gosh, he is just the cutest thing!

    I love that pic of him in the water.

    Hmm maybe...

  2. Oh he is sooo cute. What a nice feature!

    Ellie | mantrapixie | x

  3. I feel like a proud parent with people gushing over my little baby! :) Thanks so much for featuring him Katie. xx

  4. Aww he's such a cutie, he's got such a lovely face <3

    Jennie xo |

  5. Complete cutie! What a respectable chap with such manners!x


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