Monday, 18 November 2013

Perfect Pets: Cosmo.

It's time to meet another furry friend, this week from Beeta, this is Cosmo.

"Hello, my name is Beeta and I run a little lifestyle blog, Fill My Little World. I write on a whole range of topics but quite recently my posts have been dominated by a certain little someone. I am thrilled to be guest-posting on Gold Dust with a small introduction to the newest member of my family. A few weeks ago, my family adopted a gorgeous black and white kitten from the local animal shelter. Everybody meet Cosmo!

His name was given to him by the volunteers at the shelter who also named his mother “Dancer” because when she was rescued she was heavily pregnant with five littl’uns, yet she was pretty nifty on those paws and danced! A couple of Cosmo’s siblings were called Billy and Elliott too.
Cosmo is currently five months old so he is still learning right from wrong but definitely errs on the naughty side! Amongst his naughtiest habits are jumping into the kitchen sink, chewing fairy lights and ripping wallpaper. As a result of being born at the animal shelter and therefore being used to people, he is such a cuddly and friendly kitten. He happens to like skidding around corners, jumping like a show horse and destroying plants, but somewhat irrationally he very much dislikes men. 

He is pretty good at hiding in drawers but a handsome thing like him can always be spotted thanks to his distinctive features – the black heart on his white chest, his zigzag markings and his one singed eyebrow hair from the time he stuck his face in a candle flame. I am so enchanted by his cute little paws and shiny, vampire eyes too!"

Check out Beeta's blog here!

Katie xx


  1. This post idea is just so cute! Cosmo looks so cheeky!


  2. How cute!

    Emma x

  3. Beets is gawjesssssss such a beautiful cat :)


  4. Haha that middle photo is so cute! Love these posts! x


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