Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Vegan Doc Martens.

I'm a sucker for comfy foot wear and I've admired Doc Martens from afar for quite some time, but knowing they are real leather put me off so I never considered owning a pair. When Cloggs asked me if I'd like to pick something from their website I was so excited as I am obsessed love shoes and I have far too many pairs, but one more pair wasn't going to hurt. Flicking through the website I stumbled across these Vegan Dr M's made from synthetic leather and knew I had to have them.

I've heard the leather Doc Martens can be pretty uncomfortable until you wear them in, but these are crazy comfy and actually go with pretty much anything. I love the chunky style and they really break down a girly outfit and make it a little more masculine. I've been styling them over some woolly socks to keep my toes extra warm whilst it's getting a bit cooler. These are perfect for this time of year and I can see me wearing these a lot over the winter.

Katie xx



  1. These are such a gorgeous colour! The perfect shoe for English winter weather :P
    Emma | www.purpleeerose.com

  2. These look amazing! You're so lucky! They go really well with the white socks as well. Might have to pop this on the Christmas wish list!


  3. I bet they will be so useful for the winter - they look fab too!

  4. Ahh they're such a lovely colour!

  5. I love docs and have done for ages too!
    I recently bought two pairs as i couldnt decide what ones i like best, promising myself one would be sent back but i kind of, may or may not have kept both. oops!
    Really like how you have paired them with a nice contrasting cream sock! Very autumnal!

    xxx | PixiRella

  6. Whoaaaaa vegan?! That's so cool. Definitely going to look into that. I have purple boots and my eyes are on a neutral pair like a brown like yours or black :O

    I own a pair and sized up to avoid any uncomfortable wear. I've heard wayyyy too many stories of people having to break them in.

  7. These look amazing and the fact they're vegan is even better! Nice to know they're a bit easier to wear in, docs start out so uncomfortable for the first few wears xoxo

  8. These do look super nice and comfy! Think I need to get something like it because my feet always turn into blocks of ice during the winter, hehe. :)

    Beauty from the Fjord xxx

  9. These look so nice, I've always wanted to try a pair but I'm worried I'll end up looking a little masculine. Can I ask, where are your socks from? If you know that is! Danielle x



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