Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Supplements for acne-prone skin.

Superdrug High Strength Omega 3 Fish Oils - £2.99
Superdrug Zinc 15mg - £2.99

A few months back, just before I was coming off the Roaccutane I tweeted the skincare guru that is Caroline Hirons and asked her to recommend some supplements for acne prone skin. I'd seen her supplements advice on her blog (which you can check out here) which is a fab guide to explaining which supplements do what, but I really wanted something that was tailored to my skin type. Caroline advised me to try Fish Oils and Zinc, so off I popped to Superdrug and I've not looked back since.

Zinc - 15mg daily

Zinc can be pretty dangerous in high doses, so I think it's important to stick to the guidelines and only take 15mg a day. So why Zinc for acne? Well I've done a little research to get to grips with Zinc. There are huge amounts of discussion over Zinc and acne, just pop it into Google and you'll see tonnes of stuff. The main thing I've picked out is that Zinc kills bacteria, which we all know is a contributing factor to acne and spots. Not only this but Zinc is fab for your immune system, it fights off infection and helps new cells to grow, which is certainly something that acne prone skin will benefit from. 

I started taking my supplements just before I came off the Roaccutane, the oil is returning in my skin, as I expected, but spot wise I'm pretty much spot-free. I have had the odd pimple but the healing time of the spots I have had has increased dramatically, I can only assume that Zinc played some role in clearing up my skin.

Omega 3 Fish Oils - 2000mg daily

I don't think you need me to harp on about the benefits of fish oils, but I will give a quick reminder. Fish oils can contribute to keeping your heart healthy, it's been linked to helping some mental health conditions such as depression and also plays a role in keeping your skin, hair and nails healthy too. Fish oil also has anti-inflammatory properties, which as we all know those awful cystic spots really could do with calming a little.

I take 2000mg daily because my skin needs that little extra boost that others might not. Remember every one is different and different doses will work for you, I initially started on 1000mg but increased once my body was ready. 

Since starting to take the fish oil my nails have been less brittle, my hair has been a lot shinier and again my skin has remained pretty clear. I think fish oils are a must if you work long hours and find your self exhausted. For me the first place that shows my exhaustion is my skin by breaking out or looking dull, these have certainly added to brightening up my complexion after a long day.

Do you take any supplements?

Katie xx



  1. I take Zinc too - it has been so brilliant at keeping my skin clear! I also take a Hair, Skin & Nails supplement, Vit D and Vit C but I should definitely start taking Omega 3 again. xxx

  2. I need to try them out!! xx

  3. i've really been thinking about trying some supplements to help m skin out (and i guess the rest of my body too) so this is really helpful. unfortunately i'm a vegetarian so i can't take fish oil supplements but i've heard flax seed is meant to do a similar job.

    little henry lee

  4. Amazing I had no idea about this and always take them anyway :D I have been using saunas recently to help my skin and medication from the doctor x


  5. great advice! thanksfor sharing, going to pop to town and get some tomorrow xx

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