Monday, 28 October 2013

Perfect Pets: Shakey & Leo.

It's that time of the week again, introducing Shakey and Leo.

"Shakey is a black Labrador/Whippet Cross & Leo is a ginger Jack Russell, we got them both from previous owners who weren't looking after them properly. We first had Shakespeare who I quickly nicknames Shakey, he came to us with a rather big hernia which we quickly got the vet to check out but thankfully it is okay & isn't causing him any pain. About a year after Shakey had come to us, he tried to jump over the gate that lead into the back garden of our old house which had spiky things on it, unfortunately he got caught on one & after my dad had to gently get him off the spike he was rushed to the vets, thankfully it missed all his organs & just needed some stitches which he wasn't very happy about, as they made him wear a cone because otherwise he would bite them out. Since then Shakey has become more & more cuddly but is still as energetic as ever & loves nothing more than playing with Leo in the garden or playing tug of war with his favourite toy. Leo came to use with a habit of taking food from his bowl or treats & running into a different room to eat it, he slowly become more comfortable eating around us & will now share a bowl with Shakey even though they have one each. Like Shakey he adores having a cuddle, especially if you have a blanket. You will often find them cuddling on the sofa taking a nap together & he also has a love for chewing on plastic bottles instead of his toys .
They both adore lounging in the sun & refuse to go outside when its raining unless someone comes with them, I think my sister, parents & I have treated them a bit more like children than pets as they have had such a hard life before coming to us but at the end of the day they are a part of my family & I honestly couldn't be without them."

Thank you Ash for sharing your lovely pooches!

You can find Ash's blog here.

Katie xx


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