Monday, 7 October 2013

Perfect Pets: Jasmine.

Hi everyone!

I'm Katie and I blog over at Curled Fantasies! ( When I saw Katie's tweet about a blogger's pet feature I was really interested! I think it's a great idea to proudly show off our pets - especially as so many of us seem to have them!

So this is my baby girl Jasmine. I'm not allowed pets in my own flat (boo student landlords) so she lives at my parents house and I miss her like crazy when I'm gone. She's a huge part of my family and my mum's shadow. 

We adopted Jasmine around 3 years ago now, and we think that puts her at about 9 or 10 years old - the adoption shelter couldn't be certain of her age but put her at around 6. We visited what seemed like a million and one shelters and had seen several cats we liked, but Jasmine picked us! All of the other cats we'd had contact with loved my mum, sister and me but weren't keen on my dad - so when Jasmine couldn't get enough of all four of us that was decision made! A week later she came home with us and our family extended to five :)

She's a very timid cat in some respects - she doesn't venture far, and she doesn't tend to like strangers so runs off upstairs. But she loves us and is so overly affectionate it can be a pain - just yesterday when I was putting my make up on she came for cuddles and smudged my mascara everywhere with her tail! She still rules our household, waiting for the door to be opened for her rather than using the cat flap - she's a spoiled little princess!

She loves to lounge in the sun outside or on the windowsill, loves sleeping in bed with either my mum or me, and she has a weird fetish for plastic carrier bags! She is straight in there like a bullet to rub up against them and all sorts whenever we come back with shopping! She also won't eat wet food, but will sit by the fridge at 5.30 dead on waiting for a tuna dinner, and she loves to lick the flavouring off salt and vinegar chips!

I'd highly recommend adopting any animal you are thinking of bringing into your home. There are so many brilliant shelters out there full to the brim with animals desperate for a loving home so give them a chance - they'll most likely be the most loving animal in the world, and the shelters are great charities to support!

I hope you've enjoyed meeting my baby, and I can't wait to meet other bloggers' pets in this series!

Thank you Katie for letting me get involved :)
Lots of love, Katie at Curled Fantasies (


  1. Fantastic post. I love it when bloggers post about something so incredibly important. When I hear about people wanting a new dog, I always tell them about the thousands already needing homes in shelters. Thank you for this post :)



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