Saturday, 12 October 2013

Laser Hair Removal.

Have you ever thought wouldn't it be nice not to have to shave my legs constantly? I know I have and I'm the first to admit, I'm pretty lazy when it comes to shaving my legs, especially during winter! If I know I'm going to be covered up, which is generally all of the time, I don't bother shaving them. Then after a few weeks when I'm stating to resemble a yeti I will give them the once over.

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Sk:n Clinics may have the answer to all of my problems, they offer laser hair removal which removes the unwanted hair, leaving you silky smooth. I always though laser hair removal would be quite invasive and painful, although looking at Sk:n Clinics' website it reassures me that it's pretty much pain free and a slight redness or bumping on the particular area lasered will go down within 24 hours. It also suggests pale skin is the best for laser hair treatment, perfect for my ghostly colour!

I've also spotted, the clinics do permanent laser hair removal for eyebrows! Imagine never have to pluck, wax or go through the torture of eyebrow threading ever again. I get so frustrated when my eyebrows misbehave and don't look even, at least if they were lasered they might stand a chance of looking similar to one another. Laser hair removal at Sk:n clinics, for eyebrows and earlobes, is priced from £39, which I think is a very reasonable price considering the price of waxing/threading every month or so.

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The consultations and treatments last over 8 months, with treatments ever 4-6 weeks to ensure your hair and body is progressing to keep you hair free in the future. The sessions take between 15-45 minutes, which is pretty fast - you could nip to an appointment even if your schedule is super busy!

You can find out more about Sk:n Clinics and their other treatments here.

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  1. I went to the dermatologists for excess body hair (yay PCOS and hirtuism) and was told that laser hair removal doesn't actually 'remove' the hair it just reduces it by 60% at most. The percentage lessens the thicker your hair so I would definitely have a consultation before jumping in. x

  2. Laser hair removal sounds great! Not having to shave ever again sounds amazing!
    And it's pretty awesome how they offer laser treatment for the eyebrows as well!
    Makes me really want to try this hehe ^_^
    Following your blog now btw ;P


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