Thursday, 24 October 2013

High-End Pink Coat Wishlist.

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This year I've seen pink coats everywhere. I consider myself as not a really girly girl, in fact, I very, very rarely wear pink. However this year I've become obsessed about pink and I'm desperate to get my hands on something very girly, but until I find the perfect coat in my price range I can dream.

All the coats featured are from Harvey Nichols website - link here. I've always told myself with my first pay when I'm qualified, I'm going to make a splurge purchase - unfortunately that's not for at least another 18 months so for now this is my high-end pink coat wishlist.

The thing with pink is, I think you need the right tone for your skin. I am VERY pale, as you all know, I don't think I could quite pull of a pastel pink, however a bright pink may work for me. I thought I would add a different shapes and shades so there is something for everything. So if you are looking for the perfect pink coat, like me, I hope I've given you some inspiration!

Katie xx

*Written in association with Harvey Nichols


  1. oh i love every single one of these, so pretty!!]

    abi from a little dust

  2. These are so pretty - really love soft pinks at the minute x


  3. I too am not that girly and hardly ever wear pink, probs, ever. However, I have been uming and ahing over my current desire to have a pink coat.. I blame Mollie King!
    Even being a paley, I think a pastel colour would be more do-able for me..



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