Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Winter Coat Love.

All Primark:
Coat - £25
Vest - £5
Leggings - £3

I've been looking for a new coat for a few weeks and I kept being drawn in to H&M and ogling over their over sized numbers. Unfortunately as I'm quite petite I can't get away with a size 8 in coat and I just could not find a 6 in any H&M store! So dragging my feet I trotted to primark and spotted this baby. It's very similar to the one I saw in H&M but a slightly different colour. 

I then had the sizing issue all over and eventually gave up. But after popping into Manchester with my friend I found the coat in my size and it was the last one left - it was obviously meant to be. It had a tiny fault on the shoulder but nothing a pair of scissors couldn't fix, so with a £2 reduction I quite happily purchased my £23 winter coat.

It's really great quality and I love the over sized look. It's so comfy to wear and even at my tiny 5"2 I think it's still quite flattering. Thank you Primark, for once again saving the day!

Have you got your winter coat?

Katie x



  1. My parents just bought me this coat on sunday as a little treat and I love it so much! It looks great on you <3 xxx

  2. That coat is gorgeous! I really wish I had access to Primark!

    -Trina ♥

  3. Amazing coat, hope this comes to the Irish stores! You look gorgeous x

  4. That coat is so nice! Primark has some great coats this season, I recently bought one from there too :) xx

  5. Amazing coat! Just bought the one from H&M you mentioned (if we're thinking of the same one), but in red instead of grey. I don't want to wish the warmer weather away completely but I'm so excited to wear it! You look great hun


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