Friday, 13 September 2013

Treats for me.

The lovely people over at Treat Republic allowed me to do a spot of shopping on their website. It took me AGES to pick the things I wanted cos the selection is huge. But eventually I settled on these items, which I would say are very 'me'. Well except the spoon but that was a surprise for the hubby...

I picked the door stop first cos it matches some of our other ones, as it's the same brand. I love how quirky the little dog is and it's just too cute sat propping my door open. I have really annoying doors that automatically close so a doorstop is essential in our house. It's the perfect size too, it's not too small that it doesn't do it's job but not too big that I fall over it. I love the cute button detail too, it's really sweet.

Next up, if you've followed my blog for a while you'll know this needs no explanation. Yes, this is a baby/child's teddy but I needed it in my life. My rabbit obsession is getting a little out of hand, but I had to add this bunny to my collection. I've informed Jonathan, until I have real bunnies to play with I will continue expanding my rabbit collection.

Lastly, I thought this spoon was a really cute gesture and a little something to keep the Mr happy. They come in a few different designs but I thought this one summed us up nicely. It's in a really pretty box too, I think it's a nice keepsake but very practical too!

Thank you Treat Republic for spoiling me.

Katie xx



  1. How cute is that doorstop, I had a look at their others and I gotta say that British Bulldog would be a great addition to my American home!

  2. Super cute pictures! I adore that spoon.


  3. I love the idea of the spoon :)

  4. those are SUPER cute stuffed animals!


  5. As I said on twitter, way too cute x


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