Monday, 2 September 2013

Super easy smoothie.

Me and the hubby decided it was time we ate a little healthier. Over the summer we've been pretty lazy and have generally stuck something ready made in the oven. But now it's time for a health kick, I'm trying to eat better and have a sneaky bit of chocolate a few times a week, rather than everyday! One of my favourite healthy 'snacks' are smoothies. I love fruit and have a serious sugar addiction, so a smoothie kind of ticks all the boxes. Plus the hubby can't stand me eating bananas in the house so I can sneak them in my drink and he doesn't run away. I've kind of made up this recipe myself, although I imagine there are plenty out there if this one isn't for you. 

Here's what you'll need:

Mug of frozen mixed berries
3/4 of a Mug of plain yoghurt
1 Banana

oh and a blender

Then chuck it all in and blend until it's the constancy you want it to be. I like mine to be really thick, but if you prefer a smoother smoothie just add a little extra yoghurt. I think this is the perfect blend of sweetness, but if you want something a little sweeter just pop in some honey.

Have you got any smoothie recipes for me to try?

Katie xx



  1. This looks delicious .

  2. Oh this looks nice! Do you have it instead of meals? I've been having mixed berries, spinach and apple smoothie for my breakfast!

    1. Nooo don't be silly, you know my appetite! I've got some kale in the freezer I might add a little! xx

  3. looks yum! this will be handy in the mornings before college!

    beauty about town ♡

  4. mmm yummy!!

  5. Just found your blog after last night's lbloggers chat! Lovely variety of posts which is what I love. And this smoothie looks LUSH.

  6. This looks lovely. I'm a big fan of smoothies :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. I have a smoothie maker which never gets used but this looks so good!! I wanna try it now. :)

  8. OMG this looks amazing! Love making smoothies. at uni we have invested in a blender so very excited to make loads this year :)

    Katie xx

  9. This looks delicious! I just bought a bunch of frozen fruits yesterday to make smoothies as I am too trying to eat better in the hope I can lose some weight! Thanks for sharing


  10. That Smoothie looks really nice! Sx


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