Sunday, 8 September 2013

Statement Jacket.

I've been so excited to showcase this jacket on my blog. I just absolutely love it. I was asked to pick something from Choies website a little while back and I couldn't resist this perfect jacket. Choies is an international company, but they are really easy to contact and I found replies to emails super quick, which impressed me. I'm just so in love with my new jacket, the quality is amazing and I just love, love, love it.

You may have noticed I haven't done an Instagram week this week, that's because I've chosen to stop the Instagram weekly updates as I have a new series of weekly posts starting tomorrow, which I'm really excited about I hope you love the new series as much as I do!

Katie xx


  1. The detailing in the jacket is amazing. :)

  2. Love the statement jacket and black dress combination, such an awesome outfit!
    Lydia Rose


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