Wednesday, 11 September 2013

SheInside Wishlist.

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I discovered SheInside via another blogger and really loved the website. The clothes are so reasonably priced, although in dollars - it's pretty easy to covert. I just thought I would show you a few pieces that caught my eye, that I think would be perfect for Autumn/Winter.

Firstly, I'm on the hunt for the perfect coat - this parka is AMAZING and I love the the furry hood. I haven't quite decided what type of coat I'd like this winter but I think the green trench style coat would be fab to wear just as the days are starting to get a little cooler.

I'm still loving florals and nudes. I just think florals are perfect if you need cheering up a little on those dark mornings. There's nothing like a bit of colour to make you feel a bit better. Nudes are great for wearing with black when you don't want to dress like you're going to a funeral everyday. I think pretty much any skintone can find the perfect nude for them - even us paleies!

Lastly, I'm loving (as I do every year) the leather look items. This is the time of year my fake leather jacket comes back out of my wardrobe and never leaves my back until the snow arrives. I think this skirt would look fab with some woolly tights and a chunky knit jumper.

Have you seen SheInsides website?

Katie xx



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  2. Love that parka coat! I've been thinking about getting a parka this year, but maybe a black one! xx

  3. wow i love the parka, have never ordered anything from she inside but would love to!
    Project Rattlebag xx

  4. The parka is lovely, and the floral dress is really pretty too. Great choices :)

    Jess xo

  5. the parka is perfect for winter!


  6. That Parka is AMAZING!! I want it!!!




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