Friday, 27 September 2013

Primark Nails and Haul.

Primark Nails - £1

Back when I worked for Pets at Home I used to always get my nails done. It was my little treat once a month after pay day and it made me feel a little more girly in the awful zookeeper-esk uniform. I will be the first one to say acrylics ruined my nails and to be honest they probably will never be as strong as they were before.

I'm always having a look at the Impress nails in Boots but they're a little pricey for my liking. So when I spotted these nails in Primark recently and thought I would give them a try. I've worn 'glue-on' nails really as I always thought they wouldn't last very long or flick off during the day, so I thought now was a perfect opportunity to try them. I'm back on placement from Monday and as we can't wear nails in hospital for obvious reasons, I thought I would play around with them and see how long I could get them to last.

You get 24 nails in a pack and a tube of glue. The nails are pretty good sizes, I have quite long and thin nails and I managed to find the perfect sizes for me. They also come in a lot of different designs, but I thought these bows were really cute and kinda remind me of Hello Kitty.

The nails stayed on really well, I am so impressed for the tiny price tag. In fact I actually took them off rather than them falling off, after nearly 3 days because I didn't want to leave them on for too long. They were really easy to get off too, I was naughty and just yanked them off but they came off neatly and haven't left much glue on my nails.

I think they are a real bargain and would be fab if you wanted a cute nail design for a weekend away or for a special occasion. I will certainly be picking up more of these, I am so pleased with the quality and staying power of these beauties!

Have you tried this nails? 

I uploaded a Primark Haul to my YouTube channel here.

Katie xx



  1. These are surprisingly cute! Got to love a bargain from good old PriMarni :O). Xx

  2. These look soo cute! I did not get them as I thought they would not look so good on!! xxx

  3. Awww.... these look so cute! And reminded me of Hello Kitty too.. :D

  4. Awww.... these look so cute! And reminded me of Hello Kitty too.. :D

  5. Awww.... these look so cute! And reminded me of Hello Kitty too.. :D

  6. These are incredibly cute - definitely reminds me of Hello Kitty or Minnie Mouse! Ahh I love them xx

  7. My sister goes mad for primark stick on's! Maybe I should bite the bullet and give them a go!

    xx |

  8. I would never think to go to Primark for nails, but definitely going to have a look now!

    Becca @ Beauty & Becca x

  9. These are so cute, and really natural! What a bargain - and they are definitely very Hello Kitty esque :) x

  10. I work in a care home and they do not allow nails, nail varnish or make up worn by staff, going to invest in some od these Pradamark nails because a friend told me how they dont fall off and how they leave no residue after removal


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