Saturday, 21 September 2013

Polargram Prints.

I've wanted some of my Instagram photos printing FOREVER and after coming across Polargram I knew it was the perfect opportunity. The prints are so cute, they are Polaroid size - hence the name and are fab if you want to write cute little messages or reminders on the bottom. They are really good quality too considering they will be slightly blown up from your Instagram. Polargram was really easy to use and super cheap too, you can get 12 prints for £5 including delivery - bargain. They do take a few weeks to arrive so if you're wanting them as a present for someone you're best ordering a good few weeks beforehand. 

I can't fault these at all and I love the fact I have memories that I can stick all over my house rather than just on my Facebook wall.

Katie xx 


  1. Great idea! I want some! xx

  2. I've had this website bookmarked for ages, but might just have to place an order. For £5 you can't go wrong!

    Lauren xx | Lauren J

  3. I'm just about to order 24 prints! Thank you so much for the recommendation! lovely post too, I must admit the photos came out great!:)

  4. I love my Polargram Prints. I opted for 48 prints & I love them. I need to think of a fun way to display them all.
    They are great quality too, I will be ordering more fore sure

  5. I was so ready to order 24 prints last night but i stopped myself from spending more money yet again haha! They look so good though...

  6. I really need to get some of mine printed off, it's such a good idea.

    Water Painted Dreams

  7. These are really cute :) when i have a bit more money i will be placing an order! They will look great on my bedroom wall xo

  8. wow, this is amazing! i've always prefered printed photos to digital ones, that's why lately i've gone back to analoge!
    maybe i'll try this too, 12 prints for £5 is quite an alright price and i love the polaroid-ish look! xx

    beautiful garbage


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