Friday, 9 August 2013

Victoria's Secret comes to Manchester.

If you follow me on Twitter or Intagram you'll have seen I've been super excited about Victoria's Secret coming to Manchester. The signs went up in Trafford Centre a good few months back and I've been eagerly waiting for the store to open. So yesterday I went down for the big opening and to finally go in the new store.

I took the photos above on my phone as I didn't dare whip out my camera, but I think they've come out okay. The store is a lot bigger than I thought and is split into three sections, one for lingerie, one for beauty and finally one for their PINK range. The underwear is beautiful but of course I'd set my sights on the beauty and cosmetics.

I'm telling a little porky in these photos, cos I actually bought this set of sprays from the Turkish VS, but I did see the set in store today for a tiny £17. I think the sprays and beauty products are pretty good value for money. I love all of the scents of the ones in the set and the hubby even comments when I use them. They aren't overpowering but it is like using a perfume rather than a body spray. 

I'm really impressed with the store and I can't wait to go again when there isn't a queue to get in! I really like the hoodies and comfy bottoms from the PINK range so I will have to save some pennies and get myself some. Fingers crossed they'll have a pretty good January sale!

Katie xx



  1. Ahhh super jealous that you have one near you! Although Manchester is a lot closer to me than London so that's a bit of a bonus :) I really want to try the sprays! xx

    Abby | Beauty and a Blogger

  2. I can't wait to visit, I was well jealous when London got one! xx

  3. so jealous- need a victorias secret in nottingham! xx

  4. I love the look of the sprays! x

  5. I LOVE Lovespell and Pure Seduction. My secret weapons! hahah They usually have sales for body sprays and such :D

  6. how exciting!!! I heard great things about the body mists... I want all of them! :D xx

  7. I went there the other day when it opened. It's really amazing isn't it! I also didn't realise how huge it would be. Love it!! xx

  8. The trafford centre is fantastic and with VS there my retail therapy is always a success.

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