Monday, 26 August 2013


TOMMYGUNS Blueberry and Ginseng Shampoo
TOMMYGUNS Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner
TOMMYGUNS Colour Save Intensive Masque

If you follow me on Instagram (Katieatki), you'll have probably already seen these products. I was kindly sent them to try and I just can't get over how nice they are for my hair. I hadn't heard of the brand before, but after doing a little research I discovered it's won lot of hair care awards.

First up I need to express how incredible these products smell. The shampoo and conditioner smell like a really sweet Ribena, they certainly smell good enough to drink! They are just amazing and the scent transfers to your hair too, after using these I spend some time just sitting and smelling my hair...delicious! The masque is equally as nice, not quite as sqeet but a very pleasant smell - you'll prefer this if you're not into sweet things!

I try to use the set together, to get the full benefit of volume and nourishment. The masque actually states to use it after shampoo and conditioner - I don't know if it's just me but I replace my conditioner with a masque?! However this is a little different and is to be used in conjunction with a conditioner. It's really thick and luxurious and feels amazing on your hair.

You can actually buy a set of three products, just like these, for a tiny £17, here. The brand also so a Fig and Plum shampoo too, I really want to try purely cos of the scent. Combining these products together left me with super silky, manageable hair. I am absolutely in love with this brand and I need more!

Katie xx


  1. Ooh these look lovely. Love the sound of the blueberry smell!


  2. I would love to try these, Ribena is my favourite! Your blog is great, one of my faves!

  3. Ribena shampoo sounds heavenly, and I really like the packaging! Found you through twitter :)

    xo Kirsty


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