Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Roaccutane/Accutane Essentials: Part 1.

I'm doing a little two-part series inspired by Amelia from Liana Beauty. A few weeks back Amelia did a post on Roaccutane essentials and as I'm coming into my last week of my course of medication I thought I would do a list of my essentials. As most of you know I've been documenting my journey since January via YouTube (my link is in the side bar) and I am very happy with the results and even happier that I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. It's been a VERY long 8 and a bit months, but without a doubt I would do it again.

Face Skincare

Cetaphil Cleanser - I ADORE this stuff. This is something that will forever be in my skin care routine. I didn't take this on holiday and I really noticed, I was so happy to have it back when we returned. This is fragrance free, made especially for sensitive skin and non-condegemic so it's perfect for ANY skin type. Obviously my skin has been beyond dry this has soothed my skin no end and it's been a pleasure given my face a wash.

Origins Drink Up Mask - This isn't an 'essential' as such but a moisturising mask certainly is. This is perfect to use as an overnight treatment to really give my skin an extra moisture boost. Your skin will love you for this.

SPF 50 - Any facial SPF is a huge MUST for Roaccutane treatment. Your skin becomes extremely photosensitive and burns very easily. Protect, protect, protect.

Superdrug Vitamin E Daily Moisturiser - This is a lovely cheap but thick moisturiser that works pretty well for it's tiny price tag. You all know I'm a huge fan of Superdrug's own brand products and I've raved about this in the past. Any moisturiser that works for you should go with you everywhere, this is the perfect size for my handbag.

Body Skincare

Doublebase Gel - This was actually on prescription after I had a huge breakout of dry skin/eczema under my armpit (I know - not nice). It's a really lovely consistency and soothes my itchy super quickly. My dry skin cleared up in a few days and I've kept it under bay by using this daily. I assume you can get something alike to this over the counter.

Cetaphil Restoraderm - This is non-prescription and is available in Boots. This is unbelievably nice to use on dry skin, it's really creamy and sinks in straight away. This is really great for soothing the skin after you've been in the sun too - a really great moisturiser for any skin type.

Katie xx


  1. I was on it years ago but only for six months they took me off it too early :-( this is a great post for those starting on it will check out your YouTube tonight :-)

  2. Drink Up Intensive Mask is my life saver!


  3. Both me and my mum also use the cetaphil cleanser, amazing stuff! xx


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