Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My hair history.

I've seen a few of these posts in the past so of course I wanted to jump on the bandwagon and do my own. My hair changes like the weather, I get bored so easily and always want to do something new with it. So this is my hair 'history' from around 18 to now - that's a whole 5 years of hair.

As you can see I don't deviate a lot from dark hair. In school I had blonde hair but I eventually decided I suited darker much more. The middle photo is my natural hair colour, so as you can see I am pretty dark anyway. Before I got married I let all of my colour grow out and got my hair chopped so it was nice and healthy, then afterwards I bleached it.. I think it must have been post-wedding blues but I quickly changed it back to dark a few months later.

As most of you know I'd been 'ginger' for some time - around a year, but recently I reverted back to my trusty dark locks. I think that's the way they'll stay, for now anyway.

Katie xx


  1. We have the same natural hair colour! Haha, I think blonde really suited you! You do look great with dark hair though love how it's styled in the last picture :)

  2. Love hair histories - you look so different as a blonde!

  3. I've been loving these hair histories lately! It's amazing how you can pull off every colour - I don't think I could! <3 xxx

  4. Great post you suit all of the colours you've tried, I think the darker colours do look nicer though :)
    I'm tempted to do one of these posts but it would be so boring hahaha
    Meg xx


  5. I love how your hair looks with your floral crown. the colour is amazing!



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