Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Retail Royalty Challenge.

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As soon as I read about Money Supermarket's Retail Royalty Challenge I knew I really wanted to take part. The challenge involved Money Supermarket giving you £30 to buy something to donate to local charity of your choice. How fab is that?! 

I knew immediately that I wanted to donate my £30 to Wigan and Leigh Hospice, not only is it local but I also spent some time there during my last placement and have seen first hand the amazing work they do. I thought the easiest way to find out if they needed anything was to give them a call. I spoke to one of the fundraisers who explained they needed raffle prizes and were looking for gift vouchers. Although my donation wasn't 'bartered' for and I didn't push to get as much as I could for my money, I really wanted to donate something they actually needed. I chose to get an M&S gift care - how gorgeous is this one? I thought M&S was a good all rounder and hopefully the winner will be able to get some good use of it. 

I'm really happy I could take part in this challenge, I think it's great to give something back into the community and always great to give local charities a helping hand. So thank you very much Money Supermarket for helping me do a very good deed!

You can find out more about Wigan & Leigh Hospice here.

Katie xx

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  1. Im from Wigan but live in London. Ive been racing your blog but never knew you lived in wigan! So random. xx


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