Wednesday, 10 July 2013

NYC Topcoat.

When my beloved Barry M top coat ran out, I thought I would give another brand a try, not thinking an would ever live up to my Barry M one. However, I was very much mistaken. I picked up this topcoat because a) it's extremely cheap and b) it was on offer with something else I wanted from the range. I'll be honest I wouldn't have been overly disappointed if this topcoat was rubbish, especially as it comes in well under £2 in Superdrug.

The polish its more watery than the Barry M topcoat, but to be honest I think I prefer it that way considering the Barry M one dries out pretty swiftish. It isn't too runny though that it's difficult to apply, this applies really well and really quickly. As the name implies this does seem to dry super fast, which is great if you are painting your nails before a night on the tiles, however for me this isn't the reason I love it so much.

The reason it's become such an important step in my nail routine, is because it does it's job just so damn well. I thought initially it was the varnish under the top coat that had great staying power, but when I tried one from another brand the same thing happened. I've found myself only changing my nail varnish cos I'm bored with it, not because it's chipped within an inch of it's life. 

I'm so excited to have found this little beauty and it's become a firm favourite in my nail care routine, I'm now dying to try more of the NYC range!

Have you tried anything from NYC?

Katie xx



  1. I'm always looking for a good top coat, good to know this one is worth it. I usually manage to chip mine within 24 hours, which can get a little annoying
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  2. I brought this top coat the other week and have had far from good luck with it so it's interesting to read your review. My nails were chipping without hours, i had a lot better luck with the even cheaper LA Colours top coat.


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