Wednesday, 3 July 2013

iPhone 5 Cases.

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Pugs//Cat Face//Unicorn//Ballerina Bunny//Bunny/cat face//Lots of Cats

Am I the only iPhone 5 user that finds it nearly impossible to get a decent cover for a reasonable price? I've seen tonnes on the highstreet in Paperchase, H&M, Primark etc. but all of the ones I like are for iPhone 4. So I went back to trusty eBay where I got my original one and put together a little wishlist of really cute iPhone 5 cases. I've linked all of the cases so just click on the caption to take you to the seller.

I love animals (in case you already didn't know) and I feel like my phone is part of me so it's only right to have an animal-based cover. At the moment I have a rabbit one but it's getting a little cracked in the corners so it's time for a newbie. I love the rabbit ballerina one, it's so sweet and very girly. The pug case is adorable too, I love how chunky the pugs are! I think my favourite is the unicorn one, I think it needs to make it's way into my life - what more could you ask for a unicorn and humour!

What cover do you have?

Katie xx


  1. I'm in love with the pug one, its times like this i wish i had a iPhone and not a galaxy :(


  2. I love funky iPhone covers. Mines from Lanvin and it's about to die which considering how much it cost isn't impressive :(
    Adela x


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