Sunday, 7 July 2013

Instagram #16.

Are we all enjoying this glorious sunshine? I hope everyone is being careful in the sun and wearing plenty of SPF! I'm writing this whilst watching the Wimbledon final, come on Andy!! Anyway here is my week:

Sunning myself outside if Selfridges
The hubby's holiday clothes
Greasy legs after using a Sanctuary oil
THE perfect scarf
Quote of the week
My new favourite food
Sunshine finally made it to Preston
Tried this yummy Rubicon

This week has mainly consisted of finishing my uni work for the year (I only have my portfolio left, woop!) and spending time on the train to and from Preston!

How's your week been?

Katie xx


  1. Lovely instagram post, would love to see what's in the Primark bags! I've spent far too much money in there recently! xx

  2. That quote is so cute!

    Bea xx

  3. I love Rubicon! Loads of people seem to not have heard of it, haha. Mango's my fave though!

    Milly x


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