Sunday, 28 July 2013

Guest Post: Sunscreen.

No Instagram this week as I'm on holiday, so I have my third guest post instead!

Hi Everyone, my name is Katrin and I blog over at Tarte Aux Fraises. If you read my blog you might have noticed I am a very pale person, both by choice and by force.

I have noticed that every summer there are people that seem to have gotten a sunburn even though they claim that they use always sunscreen! I always start to wonder if they even know how to use sunscreen. There are couple of tricky parts. The trickiest part, in my opinion, is the amount you are actually supposed to use.

For example on your face (and neck) you should use one teaspoon of sunscreen every two hours! A teaspoon is 5 ml (0.17 fluid ounces), so a tube of 50 ml sunscreen for you face should technically only last for 10 uses!

The same goes for the rest of your body, for your arms you should use one teaspoon each, your legs should be covered in two teaspoon each and your torso should as well be lathered in two teaspoons. In total that is about 40 ml (1.35 fluid ounces) just for the body, and that is EVERY two hours!

Therefore, a normal bottle of sunscreen (240 ml) should only last for about 6 uses (12 hours) when you are for example at the beach!

So before you start thinking that you always get a sunburn, no matter what, start thinking about the amount of sunscreen that you are using! If you are looking for some more information I would start by reading this short article about the teaspoon rule.

Are you using enough of sunscreen?

Thank you to Katrin for this post about sunscreen, we all know how important keeping safe in the sun in and now we all know the right amount of sunscreen to be using!

Katie xx

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