Friday, 26 July 2013

Guest Post: Summer Picks.

Another guest post today, from the lovely Talia:

Hey guys I'm Talia and Katie is kindly letting me guest post for her today.
I currenntly have my own little Blog which you can follow via Bloglovin' and you can find me on Twitter , Instagram and Youtube !


1. Ive seen the contour kit floating around and then I saw this 3 in 1 if you like and I NEED to get my hands on it. If theres one product im completely in love with its blusher/ bronzer and I think theyre lovely summer colours. Plus for £9.99 its an absolute bargain!

2. Again im absolutely in love with New look shoes because a) They have amazing Zara dupes for half the price at the min and b) they do some in wide (or are generally wider than zara shoes) yay for having hobbit feet ;)

3. This piece is so beautiful but completely out of my comfort zone! Im normally a monochrome kinda gal' but always love things like this and never have the confidence to wear them! I think I may pull my socks up and take the plunge!

4. THIS BAG. Now this is a little pricey at £85 but considering its real leather and suede I dont think its all too pricey, especially if it will last. I love the suede detail and gold hardware. I think its quite versatile too as in you can dress it up or down!

5. I need this in my life. Ive heard so many good things about this that the only bad thing is the price tag!
I think Ill be saving my coppers to give this one ago. Im a poor student!

Does anyone else have any of these products? let me know


Thank you again Talia for your fab post!

Katie xx


  1. I love that necklace! Accessorize always have gorgeous statement necklaces xx

    D Is For...

  2. I wont lie I completely forgot I wrote this post for you even after you tweeted me and I was scanning through my blog roll on blogger and I was like "didnt I do that" haha such a dougnut at times. And I agree (obviously) dannielle the necklace is gorgeous x

  3. Sleek products are such good quality you should definitely pick that up :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  4. I've wanted the sleek pallet for ages, now more & more people are blogging about it I think I'm gonna have to!


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