Monday, 29 July 2013

Fig + Yarrow Bath Salts.

I'd seen these salts raved about by a few beauty bloggers so I was desperate to try them for myself. I adore my Burt's Bees bath salts and really wanted to try another brand. I love everything about Fig+Yarrow, their branding and ethics so these were an obvious choice for me. I actually got these off one of my friend for my birthday, which I was hugely grateful for. 

Okay, first up, the packaging - I love the glass jar and simplistic design of the label. It looks so cute in my bathroom and I'm proud to have it out in my bathroom on show. I love the colour too, it's so pretty and is actually natural Pink Himalayan Salt which just looks perfect. The scent is so herbally (is that a word?!) and relaxing it just allows you to unwind and chill out in the bath tub.

The salts claim to lower blood pressure, relax aching muscles and reduce tension in your body. I tried them out this way after a long walk and they really do help. My muscles felt relaxed and much more comfortable that they did before I chilled out in the bath. 

These salts have just made me want to try more of Fig+Yarrow's products, I'm desperate to try the infamous Coffee and Cardamom body scrub that Essie Button raves about! Or maybe I will just try and DIY it!

Have you tried anything from Fig+Yarrow?

Katie xx



  1. haven't tried anything of theirs but this sure looks good!

  2. Ahh lovely. I would like to see how these compare to the Himalayan Detox Salts by Rocques O'Neil. Those are some amazing (yet pricey) salts! xx


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