Thursday, 11 July 2013

#Budget Bucket List.

When I saw Money Supermarket's new competition I had to enter. The competition is to write a bucket list, including one budget idea and one not so cheap, and the reason for not doing either of them. Before I start I am a student so my obvious reason for not doing the more extravagant idea is lack of money. 

I'll start with my 'budget' bucket list item:

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Cake Decorating Class - I would love to attend a cake decorating class. I'm a keen baker and love to make cakes and biscuits, I've just about mastered gluten free baking too, but my icing is atrocious. I can't describe how bad it is, I really struggle to use a piping bag so it just ends up being plonked onto the cake and I sued sweets to hind the hideousness of the decoration.  

Learn another language - This is something I'm hoping to do over the summer. Obviously, I won't be fluent by September but at least back up to my GCSE standard in French. I loved learning a language at school and really regretted not following up to A-level with it. I'm not too bad with knowing words in French I just find it hard stringing a sentence together. I think we are incredibly lazy in this country, when it comes to learning other languages, we just expect people to speak English. Ideally next time I visit Paris I would love to be able to order food in their language.

Plant a seed and actually get something to grow - Okay, this is random, but I'm the least green-fingered person on Earth. However, I really want to be able to grow my own plants. I love seeing gardens full of gorgeous colours and our little patio just looks bare and not looked after. Hopefully one day I will actually be able to get something to grow and stay alive for more than a couple of minutes.

Moving onto more expensive things on my bucket list, that would be some of the things I would do if I won the lottery:

Visit a Orangutan Sanctuary in Malaysia - I've wanted to do this since I was little, in fact I was hoping to do a gap year when I was 18 but I met Jonathan and I couldn't bear to leave him for so long (cheesey I know). It's still something I would LOVE to do, the orangutans are just too cute, I think I would end up bringing one home. I would love to learn about the Malaysian culture too and spend some time exploring the country.

Take my hubby to Disneyland in Florida - I admit I'm being a little greedy on my bucket list here, I have been to Florida once before, but that was a whole ten years ago. I would love to show Jonathan the sights of Disneyland and all of the other theme parks. He's not too keen at the moment cos of the price but I'm attempting to persuade him because I know he would love it if I managed to get him there!

Own a Tiffany Necklace - This is kind of materialistic, but I would love a Tiffany necklace. I got a Tiffany bracelet for my 21st birthday and would love a necklace to go with it. There is something I love about going into Tiffany and just looking at all the jewellery, I'm desperate to go to the New York store but I thought that would be taking my bucket list a step too far!

That's some of the things on my bucket list, you can see the details of the Money Supermarket competition here.

I tag these bloggers to write their bucket list:
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What's on your bucket list?

Katie xx



  1. Go to New York instead of Florida!! It won't cost as much and it is a much better picture of American life.

    I love baking too. I've never taken a cake decorating class but that's because my mother taught them ;) I can handle an icing bag. Look for Martha Stewart's buttercream icing recipe. It is SO easy (just 3 ingredients) and is the best tasting icing I've ever had. You won't be able to go wrong!

    Great list and good luck!

  2. I would have to disagree somewhat with the above comment about New York giving a better picture of American life, I think New York is a hyper cosmo ball and is a world in and of itself. I don't think it's a great reflection of the rest of America .. and I've always chosen Chicago as the better city in all honesty. The rest of America is a lot different, I mean I live just outside Detroit and there's no so much to link to two. Proper America isn't necessarily about the cities - it's the metro life, the dinners, the family owned drive thrus and dirt roads in the countryside between corn fields - everything you'd get away from the city and the freeways which I've come to see and learn through moving here. I think you'll still find the American way in Florida, there's certainly a lot of great independent restaurants and the like down there.


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