Monday, 3 June 2013

Worldwide Wardrobe.

I was tagged by Emma from Glossy Boutique to do the Worldwide Wardrobe Competition from Travel Supermarket. The competition has amazing prizes, so I was so excited to give this a go. I really enjoyed putting my outfits together, and now I've got so many more things on my wish list! You don't have to do all of the countries, but I got a little carried away and did all five. So here they are:

Untitled #46

First up London shopping. I LOVE London but don't get to go to often, but when I do I like to shop til I drop! This outfit would be perfect cos it's so comfy and light. I adore this Miss Selfridge Pinafore Dress, it's so girly and cute and would be perfect with the ASOS chunky boots to add a little masculinity. The Zara bag is just about big enough to fit everything in I would need for London.

Untitled #47

Next up, is Clubbing in Ibiza. I've been to Ibiza before and the beaches and night life is amazing. I love this outfit cos it's bang on tread with neons, which I am actually loving. I never thought I was a neon person.. The Topshop top is the perfect mix for me, I love the detailing and beading and I think this would look cute for any occasion. My favourite item is the clutch from New Look, plus it's a bargain under £10.

Untitled #48

Sightseeing in Paris would be perfect during the summer. I've picked an outfit that would keep you cool during the day but could see you through to the evening with the blazer from River Island. I picked the rose gold sandals cos they just looks so comfy, but stylish at the same time, and no girl can have enough rose gold in her life. I absolutely love the trousers too, from H&M, I'm really into printed trousers and must invest in a cute pair - these would be perfect.Untitled #49

This was an exciting one for me, I was thinking Sex in the City. Cocktails in New York, means a chance to really dress up. I was trying to go for a sophisticated look with a touch of bling, the earrings from Topshop are gorgeous and add a extra bit of class. I love how simple and elegant this outfit could be and would look amazing whilst spending the night drinking Cosmos.

Untitled #50

Lastly, is the Full Moon Party in Thailand. I chose this outfit cos it's light so it would be comfortable in the Thai heat but also has that holiday feel. The crown from Rock n Rose totally makes this outfit for me, I love the colour and the style and it really adds a summery feel. I love how vibrant this outfit is, it really makes me want to be on a beach somewhere right now!

I now nominate five bloggers to do this:
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Have you entered yet?

Katie xx



  1. I really love your clubbing in Ibiza outfit! Great choices, good luck!

  2. Your New York Cocktails dress is gorgeous!

  3. I love this post, it's so different and imaginative! xx


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