Thursday, 6 June 2013

What's on my dressing table.

Please excuse the quality of these photos, my camera is a little temperamental so I've edited them as best I could. Any how, I decided to do a little 'What's on my dressing table' post. I'm not sure if this is a 'tag' that has been floating around the blogging world, but I just wanted to share a little of my space with you. I love a good nosey around other people's house when they do posts like this, so it's your chance to have a nosey at mine. So here's my dressing table...

I have unbelievable amounts of rabbit related items dotted about, including cards - that I've never sent to anyone and I've bought purely for the bunnies. My little rabbit ring holder, has my most worn jewellery in (it also has my wedding rings in at the moment, while I'm at work). My favourite bunny is the porcelain one that's painted like a dutch rabbit, it's so cute.

The messy side of my dressing table is mainly uni related stuff and letters from my penpals. I love to display my letters and any little treats they sent me, so I can read them when ever I want to. I also have a little pile of letters that just won't quite fit on my board! 

As you can see one of my drawers is filled with lots of beauty goodies and is my 'go to' drawer if I'm ever in need of something. The majority of my everyday products are kept in this one, and certainly my most used products are in there too. 

I hope you like this mini tour of my dressing table, leave your link if you've done something similar, I love a good peek at other people's goodies!

Katie xx


  1. I love your dressing table, especially all the cute rabbits everywhere. Where did you get the ring holder from? It's lovely!
    I haven't got room for one in my uni house but my desk for my uni work kind of doubles up most of the time!
    Love your blog, have just started my own so take a look if you'd like!
    Meggy x

    1. It was a Christmas present, but i've seen them in Urban Outfitters :) x

  2. The scrabble letters saying I love you is such a cute touch! x

  3. This is so cute!! I love all the little bunny things

    Jodie xo
    à la Jode


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