Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's in your handbag?

I'm sure most of you have seen the Money Supermarket bloggers competition, if you haven't the competition details are here. Basically, you need to write a post about what's in your handbag, thinking about the value of your possessions. I didn't realise how much my little bag was worth, especially if my phone is in it, I suppose my car and house keys would be worth a huge amount too. 

My bag is pretty boring, I don't carry make up with me other than lip products and I always have a tube of E45 at my side. This gives me a chance to show off my new handbag too, at £9 this baby is a steal. Speaking of stealing, I am always pinching free pens, a nurse can never have too many!

Have you entered this competition?

Katie xx


  1. I love your bag, where is it from? :)
    Rhiannon xx

  2. I love your purse! Where did you get it? :) x

    1. It's from accessorize at Christmas :) x

  3. is your bag primark? i think i saw it today
    love it :) xo

  4. Your diary is super cute! I feel you about the pens! When I was in hospital the nurses were constantly searching!
    Caitlin x


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