Friday, 28 June 2013

Neal & Wolf Haircare.

Neal & Wolf:
RITUAL Shampoo*
ELEVATE Volumising Lotion*

A few weeks back I was contacted asking if I would like to try some Neal & Wolf products, of course I was thrilled to receive these after I love their HARMONY hair treatment so much (I was actually sent another bottle - review here). Along with the hair treatment I was sent the RITUAL Shampoo and ELEVATE Volumising Lotion.

Firstly all of the Neal & Wolf products that I've tried smell AMAZING. I feel like I've been the hair dressers every time I use them, they just have that hairdresser smell. I can't really describe it but it's kind of perfumey but not overpowering, really lovely. As I only wash my hair once a week (I know I'm gross) it's taken a little longer to give these a go, however I love how the RITUAL shampoo leaves my hair. It's really soft and silky and it great condition. I'm now on day 5 of not washing my hair and it still is just as fresh as it was on Saturday when I washed it. 

One thing I find with shampoo is they can be too rich for me and irritate my scalp, however this isn't the case with these products. I'm so pleased I've found a 'grown-up' shampoo that's suitable for me, rather than picking up children's shampoo. 

The second product that was new to me, is the ELEVATE Volumising Lotion, this was picked out especially for me after I told the PR company how thin and lifeless my hair can be. I'm really impressed with the lotion, you just run it through towel-dried hair and style as normal. It's quite a sticky consistency so I was worried it would make my hair greasy, but it certainly didn't and makes my hair much more bouncy than usual. I know it stays put too, as I got my hair wet from the rain on Saturday night and I could feel the lotion still doing it's thing. It has seemed to make my hair much more manageable too and it actually does what I want it to, which is always a good thing.

Overall, I am still a huge Neal & Wolf fan, if not more so since receiving these products, I just love them. The products are all very reasonably priced too, these three are all less than £10 which is a bargain considering the quality you are getting for such a small price tag.

Have you tried any Neal & Wolf products?

Katie xx


  1. Oh I loved their products, but I think it because I have so much hair, and it is very very dry, that I need the richness of it. Great honest review xx

  2. I have these too and I just love their fragrance xx

  3. O I want to try these x

  4. These look lovely!!

    Please visit my blog,

    Brittany, xx

  5. I've never heard of this brand before but this sounds fab! xxx


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