Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mini Boots Haul.

My lovely friends got me some Boots vouchers for my birthday so I went on a little spending spree. I had to pick up the Soap & Glory body buff after trying the travel size. It just smells so good, it's certainly my favourite scent of the body scrubs. I am a huge Sanctuary fan too, which you all know. As always Boots had a fab deal on the Sanctuary goodies, if you spent £10 you got a free Creme Souffle worth £10.50. I picked up a new bottle of the Bath Relaxer, which is a re-purchase, it's just so luxurious. I also grabbed a Body Moisture Spray which I've heard such good things about, I had to try it for myself.

The other two bits I bought, were the Barry M Gelly Nails in Lychee which I have been dying to get hold of for so long. I don't own any of the Gelly Nails but I've seen them on a few people and love the finish. I can't wait until placement finishes for me to give this a whirl. Lastly, I got something I actually need rather than want. I picked up some sun protection for my hair, I got the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector, which again I've heard great things about. I think it's so important to try and protect as much of your body from the sun, including your hair. 

I could actually spend a life time in Boots at the moment, they seem to have some fab deals on, I am probably an advertisers dream I love a good bargain when I see one. I can't wait to try all of this stuff out and get some reviews done for you lot.

Katie xx


  1. that barry m nail varnish is amazing, the gelly effect is so nice! and soap and glory is always a winner xxx

    www.fashionfumblings.com xxx

  2. I really want to try some Soap and Glory stuff! Everyone is going crazy for it at the moment.


  3. The Soap and Glory body buff sounds lovely! xo

  4. I quite like the Barry M polishes but I'm still yet to try Lychee. I must pick it up next time I'm in Boots! Love the Sanctuary purchases you made. The body moisture spray is lovely! xo

    Megan Jane // Seek My Scribbles

  5. I love Soap and glory scrubs, especially the breakfast scrub! x


  6. Ooh, haven't tried anything from Sanctuary in a long time now, but love their products. At the moment live in a house where there is no bath (only a shower), but moving soon and can't wait to stock up on lots of pampering goodies and relax in the evenings.
    Mel x


  7. I love boots ! - kind of like Primark I always buy something when I go in for a 'look'

  8. Great haul!



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