Sunday, 23 June 2013

Instagram: 14.

Anyone else feel like this has been the longest week ever? I've been exhausted all week, dying for a sleep in then it gets to the weekend and I'm wide awake at 6:22 am. Not ideal, but I'm up and about so I thought I would prepare my Instagram week. I'm going to Sheffield this weekend for a friend's birthday so I'm typing this bright and early on a very dull looking Saturday morning. So much for it being 'summer time'.

We did have a little sun last week, so I wore some socks and shoes
Pony Nose
Free drink from O2
New chewing gum - I thought it was mint flavour, it isn't
My Ted Baker delivery arrived
Cute magazine ad
I reached 50,000 views - Thank You!
I love this nail varnish

Crazy week once again, but I felt so lucky to win the Ipad and £30 worth of Itunes vouchers on Monday from a Twitter competition. I love it already! 

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INSTAGRAM: Katieatki

Katie xx


  1. Congrats on the Ipad and 50,000 views!! I love that nail varnish too :) Bit of a pain to get off though! xx


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