Thursday, 27 June 2013

Children are our future, teach them well.....

Dear all,

I am Mr Golddust, I am a secondary school teacher and today I have been on strike. I have not done this because I don't care for my students, I have not done this because I can't be bothered to go to work, I have not done this to cause a child care nightmare for parents. I have gone on strike because young people deserve the best education possible, I have gone on strike because I want your children to achieve more than they could ever dream of, I have gone on strike because today's children should be excited by the future (not dread it).

I am an exceedingly lucky man to have a stable job, that offers a good salary and excellent holidays. I am an exceedingly lucky man because I get to work with some of the most inspirational young women of Manchester everyday (I work in an all girls school), I am an exceedingly lucky man because I am a teacher.

The current Coalition government has kicked and hacked away at the education system for the last 3 years. They have not given any consideration to the impact of their shortsighted changes on OUR students, the government have not considered how their changes are driving excellent teachers out of the profession, the current government have not considered the long term effect of allowing students to be taught by people who ARE NOT QUALIFIED.

The fight (and it is a fight) between teachers and the government goes far beyond pay and pension (the exact details are here) and we must stick together as a nation (not just a profession) to ensure that the young people in this country are given the best chances in education and the best chances in life - surely they deserve this.

Don't turn on teachers, teachers want the same as you. We want your children to succeed. And succeed they will if they continue to be taught by highly qualified, dedicated and committed teachers. If Gove and his cronies have their way your children will be taught by people who are 'good a stuff'. 'Good at stuff, is not good enough. Keep up the fight.

Thank you.

Mr Golddust



  1. If only my teachers at school cared haha cos trust me, the teachers I had, despite going to a private school, not worth it and they couldn't care less what happened to us. Nice to see it's not all teachers and that some do care :) xx

  2. Here here Mr Golddust. I am not a teacher but I have taught in Africa & I am currently studying for my TEFL. I think like most public sector workers, Teachers get a hard time from the 'people at the top' & it results in the workers with vision & passion getting down trodden & leaving their profession, which is such a shame.

    Hayley -


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