Sunday, 30 June 2013

Instagram #15.

This week marks the end of my second placement, which means this time next week my first year will be done. I actually can't believe how quickly it's gone it's pretty scary. I've loved this year but I must admit I am well and truly ready for a holiday. So this is what I've been up to this week:

Spending the last of my vouchers on cute socks
First time at Wagamama
Cute new shop in Manchester
Gorgeous dress 
My favourite film ever
My new Bambi brolly
Love this album
Yummy sweetie picnic with my girlies

What have you been up to this week?

Katie xx

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Friday, 28 June 2013

Neal & Wolf Haircare.

Neal & Wolf:
RITUAL Shampoo*
ELEVATE Volumising Lotion*

A few weeks back I was contacted asking if I would like to try some Neal & Wolf products, of course I was thrilled to receive these after I love their HARMONY hair treatment so much (I was actually sent another bottle - review here). Along with the hair treatment I was sent the RITUAL Shampoo and ELEVATE Volumising Lotion.

Firstly all of the Neal & Wolf products that I've tried smell AMAZING. I feel like I've been the hair dressers every time I use them, they just have that hairdresser smell. I can't really describe it but it's kind of perfumey but not overpowering, really lovely. As I only wash my hair once a week (I know I'm gross) it's taken a little longer to give these a go, however I love how the RITUAL shampoo leaves my hair. It's really soft and silky and it great condition. I'm now on day 5 of not washing my hair and it still is just as fresh as it was on Saturday when I washed it. 

One thing I find with shampoo is they can be too rich for me and irritate my scalp, however this isn't the case with these products. I'm so pleased I've found a 'grown-up' shampoo that's suitable for me, rather than picking up children's shampoo. 

The second product that was new to me, is the ELEVATE Volumising Lotion, this was picked out especially for me after I told the PR company how thin and lifeless my hair can be. I'm really impressed with the lotion, you just run it through towel-dried hair and style as normal. It's quite a sticky consistency so I was worried it would make my hair greasy, but it certainly didn't and makes my hair much more bouncy than usual. I know it stays put too, as I got my hair wet from the rain on Saturday night and I could feel the lotion still doing it's thing. It has seemed to make my hair much more manageable too and it actually does what I want it to, which is always a good thing.

Overall, I am still a huge Neal & Wolf fan, if not more so since receiving these products, I just love them. The products are all very reasonably priced too, these three are all less than £10 which is a bargain considering the quality you are getting for such a small price tag.

Have you tried any Neal & Wolf products?

Katie xx

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Children are our future, teach them well.....

Dear all,

I am Mr Golddust, I am a secondary school teacher and today I have been on strike. I have not done this because I don't care for my students, I have not done this because I can't be bothered to go to work, I have not done this to cause a child care nightmare for parents. I have gone on strike because young people deserve the best education possible, I have gone on strike because I want your children to achieve more than they could ever dream of, I have gone on strike because today's children should be excited by the future (not dread it).

I am an exceedingly lucky man to have a stable job, that offers a good salary and excellent holidays. I am an exceedingly lucky man because I get to work with some of the most inspirational young women of Manchester everyday (I work in an all girls school), I am an exceedingly lucky man because I am a teacher.

The current Coalition government has kicked and hacked away at the education system for the last 3 years. They have not given any consideration to the impact of their shortsighted changes on OUR students, the government have not considered how their changes are driving excellent teachers out of the profession, the current government have not considered the long term effect of allowing students to be taught by people who ARE NOT QUALIFIED.

The fight (and it is a fight) between teachers and the government goes far beyond pay and pension (the exact details are here) and we must stick together as a nation (not just a profession) to ensure that the young people in this country are given the best chances in education and the best chances in life - surely they deserve this.

Don't turn on teachers, teachers want the same as you. We want your children to succeed. And succeed they will if they continue to be taught by highly qualified, dedicated and committed teachers. If Gove and his cronies have their way your children will be taught by people who are 'good a stuff'. 'Good at stuff, is not good enough. Keep up the fight.

Thank you.

Mr Golddust


Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Random Beauty Favourites.

Random beauty favourites, apologies again for my appearance - all is explained in the video.

Products mentioned:
Primark Backcomb Brush

Katie xx

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Handmade Gifts.

Handmade by my lovely friend Lucy:
Rosemary Hair Rinse
Rose Oil Toner

My gorgeous friend made me these for my birthday, I am so excited by them not only cos they are handmade but because they are all natural. I've heard how great Apple Cider Vinegar is for your hair so I can't wait to try out the Rosemary Hair Rinse. I've been given instructions to wash my hair as normal and use this last and then dry and style my hair. Hopefully it'll make my hair nice and glossy as it can loose it's oomf very quickly.

I really looking forward to trying the Rose Oil Toner too, this has lovely yummy things in like Which Hazel and Tea Tree so will be fab at keeping any spots at bay. Although the hubby has already decided he needs to test it out so I better keep my eye one that one.

I just love how much effort has been put into these little bottles, the stickers are so cute and the bottles really look perfect in my bathroom. This is such a thoughtful and unique gift, thank you Lucy Lu!

Katie xx

Monday, 24 June 2013

Night in Sheffield.

On Saturday night I travelled over to Sheffield for my friends birthday. I'd never been out in Sheffield before but I really enjoyed it, it was super busy which was good but it rained all night, which wasn't so good. We all had a good time though and boogied the night away. I hadn't seen my friends since January so it was so nice to finally catch up.

Have you been out in Sheffield?

Katie xx

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Instagram: 14.

Anyone else feel like this has been the longest week ever? I've been exhausted all week, dying for a sleep in then it gets to the weekend and I'm wide awake at 6:22 am. Not ideal, but I'm up and about so I thought I would prepare my Instagram week. I'm going to Sheffield this weekend for a friend's birthday so I'm typing this bright and early on a very dull looking Saturday morning. So much for it being 'summer time'.

We did have a little sun last week, so I wore some socks and shoes
Pony Nose
Free drink from O2
New chewing gum - I thought it was mint flavour, it isn't
My Ted Baker delivery arrived
Cute magazine ad
I reached 50,000 views - Thank You!
I love this nail varnish

Crazy week once again, but I felt so lucky to win the Ipad and £30 worth of Itunes vouchers on Monday from a Twitter competition. I love it already! 

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Katie xx

Saturday, 22 June 2013

T-shirt Dress.

Dress - Topshop £20

Sometimes all you need in life is a simple dress. I always feel more dressed up when I have my legs out. I love the t-shirt style dresses and this one is just perfect. It's really bright and just what I wanted for my holidays. The speckled effect adds a little something to it too. These dresses are reduced at the moment in Topshop to £20 which I don't think is bad considering you can get the same dress, but not as nice fit from New Look for around the same price. Plus I had give vouchers, so this cost me nothing!

Katie xx

Friday, 21 June 2013

Soap & Glory Body Buff.

Soap & Glory Body Buff

I received this for my birthday and thought it would be the perfect size to travel with. However curiosity got the better of me and when I had a fake tan disaster, I had to crack open this pot. I've not really used many proper scrubs in the past, I've had shower gel with exfoliator in, but never an actual scrub. I think I may have been converted though.

This is a really thick but gentle scrub and a little goes a long way. I used this after I've used my S&G body wash, so my skin smells divine. This doesn't feel harsh on my skin, but leaves me feeling super soft and flake free. My arms are dry so they do tend to flake a little, but once I've given them a little scrub they are back to their usual self. Obviously, I am having to moisturise more when using this, but I only exfoliate twice a week.

Lastly, the smell. It is amazing, I can't really describe it, but it's sweet and sugery and kind of reminds me of candy floss. Just yummy.

Have you tried any of Soap & Glory's scrubs?

Katie xx

Thursday, 20 June 2013

What's in your handbag?

I'm sure most of you have seen the Money Supermarket bloggers competition, if you haven't the competition details are here. Basically, you need to write a post about what's in your handbag, thinking about the value of your possessions. I didn't realise how much my little bag was worth, especially if my phone is in it, I suppose my car and house keys would be worth a huge amount too. 

My bag is pretty boring, I don't carry make up with me other than lip products and I always have a tube of E45 at my side. This gives me a chance to show off my new handbag too, at £9 this baby is a steal. Speaking of stealing, I am always pinching free pens, a nurse can never have too many!

Have you entered this competition?

Katie xx

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Next Jewel Shoes.

Shoes - Next £28

I HAD to share these with you. I am literally in love with these shoes. Again another birthday present that I'd had my eye on for a while. I love the style, the detail and the summery colour. These look perfect with skinny jeans or a cute dress. They are really good quality too and very comfy. Next have some fab hanging shoes in at the moment, it's really worth a look. I can't wait to wear these babies out and about.

Katie xx

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Mini Boots Haul.

My lovely friends got me some Boots vouchers for my birthday so I went on a little spending spree. I had to pick up the Soap & Glory body buff after trying the travel size. It just smells so good, it's certainly my favourite scent of the body scrubs. I am a huge Sanctuary fan too, which you all know. As always Boots had a fab deal on the Sanctuary goodies, if you spent £10 you got a free Creme Souffle worth £10.50. I picked up a new bottle of the Bath Relaxer, which is a re-purchase, it's just so luxurious. I also grabbed a Body Moisture Spray which I've heard such good things about, I had to try it for myself.

The other two bits I bought, were the Barry M Gelly Nails in Lychee which I have been dying to get hold of for so long. I don't own any of the Gelly Nails but I've seen them on a few people and love the finish. I can't wait until placement finishes for me to give this a whirl. Lastly, I got something I actually need rather than want. I picked up some sun protection for my hair, I got the Charles Worthington Sunshine Protector, which again I've heard great things about. I think it's so important to try and protect as much of your body from the sun, including your hair. 

I could actually spend a life time in Boots at the moment, they seem to have some fab deals on, I am probably an advertisers dream I love a good bargain when I see one. I can't wait to try all of this stuff out and get some reviews done for you lot.

Katie xx

Monday, 17 June 2013

Primark Swimwear.

Tie dye bikini - £4
Aztec Top £4 Bottoms £3
Both Primark

 You may remember me moaning about struggling to get bikinis a few months back. Well apparently Primark must have heard me, and have seriously upped their game on the swimwear front. You certainly can't moan at £11 for two bikinis. I usually can't get away with the 'pack' bikinis, where top and bottoms are the same size, however you can remove that awful padding from this one so I'm very happy with the fit. 

The aztec print bikini is so flattering, I love the little cut-out detail too. This looks much more expensive than £7 and I'm really happy with it. I've spotted a few more bikinis in Primark, but I haven't managed to find my size yet..

Have you got any swimwear bargains?

Katie xx

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Clothing Sale.

Just added a little blog sale page to my blog, anything that doesn't sell will be going on eBay.

Lots of things inc:

Urban Outfitters
American Apparel
and more..

Check it out here

Katie xx

Instagram #13

This has been a long week, I'm exhausted and very much in need of a holiday. However a few exciting things happened to keep me going. So as always, here is my week according to Instagram:

Started reading another John Green book
Made an order from Ted Baker sale with a gift voucher
Free ice cream from River Island in Liverpool
Made some Kale crisps
Pretty new bag
Gorgeous hand-made card
Yummy Chocolate and Coconut Milk
Delicious candle
We finally bought a new car

I'm well and truly on the countdown to Turkey, only 36 days, 23 hours and 59 minutes to go!

Have you had a long week too?

Katie xx

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Origins Drink Up Mask.

Origins Drink Up 10 Minute Mask

I am a huge fan of Origins and face masks, that is no secret, so when the hubby bought me this one I literally couldn't wait to give it a whirl. As you all know, my skin is very dry at the moment, so this is the perfect mask for me. Firstly I love that I can just wipe it off with a dry tissue if I feel like my skin needs a little extra, or you can wash it off as normal. I've tried both ways and I prefer wiping if I'm not applying make up.

I also really love the fact that it's a 10 minute mask, my Mega Mushroom mask from Origins is to be used for 15-20 minutes, so it's my 'evening' mask when I just want to put my feet u and relax. This mask however, has been added to my morning skin care routine a few times a week, which is perfect for me, by the time I've done my hair my mask has done it's job.

This feels so luxurious and smells gorgeous, but most of all it's really help with my itchy, flaky skin. I now feel a lot more plump and moisturised, even after only 2 applications! I'm in love.

Have you tried this mask?

Katie xx


Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Sample Reviews.

I feel like I've been over run with samples and testers, from blogging events and signing up online, so I thought it was about time I made a little 'mini review' post. These are a mixture of samples, some I've loved and some not so much - so I will just get on with it..

NUDE Cellular Renewal Moisturiser - I was so excited when this arrived, alongside one of their facial oils and I couldn't wait to try it. Unfortunately I was very disappointed, I have VERY dry skin and this was wayyy to greasy and oily for me. I don't tend to wear make up for work but this made me look very shiny so I had to re-wash my face and start my skin care routine again. Not for me I'm afraid.

Purchase full size? Nope!

Glam Glow Youth Mud Mask - This was again something I was really looking forward to trying. And again something I didn't enjoy using. If you have sensitive skin in any way, this probably isn't for you. It burns, and burns badly. I had to take the mask off within about two minutes because my skin just couldn't handle it. I guess if your skin is pretty tolerant of things this would be great for you, but it's certainly not for me. I do have the Super-Mud mask to try, which is apparently not as harsh, so I think I will give that a go.

Purchase full size? No thank you.

Kiehl's BB Cream - This I love. I picked this up in House of Fraser to try purely for the SPF 50, and fell in love. It's £20ish a bottle, which I don't think is bad, considering this little 3ml sample gave me 4 applications. This has a really nice coverage, non-greasy and is probably the closest colour to my skin tone in a BB cream, that I've come across. Love this product, I even went into Selfridges to try and get another sample but they only had darker colours left.

Purchase full size? Probably in the Summer

Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil Skin Lotion - This smells gorgeous, and is so soothing on your skin. It's quite a runny, milky texture and a little seems to go a long way. It's lovely when my back decides it wants to break out, this really helps to cool and calm.

Purchase full size? Yes. 

Green & Spring Relaxing Shower and Bath Foam - This is gorgeous. I managed to get this from What's in my Handbag, with a set of some other bits and bobs. I'd been dying to try some Green & Spring products, and this didn't disappoint. It's really foaming and makes the perfect bubble bath, this little bottle lasted a good four/five baths too. It also smells yummy and makes your skin feel soft and luxurious. 

Purchase full size? Maybe - it's a little pricey.

Macadamia Nourishing Leave In Cream - I love this product, it really does exactly what it says on the tin. This smells divine and is so simple to use, literally just comb it in after you've washed your hair and style as normal. It leaves my hair so, so soft and really healthy looking. I've already been eyeing up the Macadamia products in TKMaxx.

Purchse full size? Yes

Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser - Another product I love, I got this sample before all the adverts started and was so excited to try it. I love that this product has almond oil in, so it's kind of a due for the L'Occitane product. I had to read the instructions when I first got it, and then relised it's just the same as a hair conditioner, so you apply after washing. This feels like a really high-end product and is a real treat in the shower. This comes in one for dry skin with the almond oil, and I think the other is normal skin - but I've not tried that one.

Purchase full size? Already have

What samples have you been trying?

Katie xx


Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Birthday OOTD at Dough.

Dress: AXParis via Get The Label*
Shoes: Matalan
Bag: Primark

I was desperate for another trip to Dough in Manchester, so my birthday was the perfect opportunity. I wore this pretty dress with feather print, it's really casual yet smart and sophisticated and the perfect shape for me. It has a lovely cut out back too, which is pretty daring for me, but I was brave and went with it (with my hair down to cover it of course!). 

I picked a yummy Fish and Chip pizza, with Tartar sauce - I forgot to ask for no peas and the sauce to be on the side.. Jonathan had a pulled pork pizza with BBQ sauce. The pizzaz in Dough are soooo good, and obviously they do gluten free, but you can also request dairy free, which is fab if you need both. I had a gorgeous gluten free white chocolate and orange cake for dessert too, it was AMAZING.Yum.

Katie xx


Monday, 10 June 2013

Birthday goodies.

I got so much exciting stuff for my birthday this year, I've been spoilt! I have tonnes of new beauty products to try, I can't wait to get stuck in. Hopefully you can see most of my goodies on here, I did get some clothes too but I haven't got round to photographing them yet. I really can't wait to try the Sanctuary Salt Scrub and Hot Cloth Cleanser. I love Sanctuary stuff and the candle smells AMAZING. I've already tried some of my Origins stuff, the 10 minute Drink Up mask is perfect after a day in the sun.

I was also lucky enough to get the Fig + Yarrow bath salts, which I've been desperate to try. Along with some Clarins bath soak and after sun. I'm getting excited thinking about trying all these things. I got lots of Soap & Glory miniatures which are perfect to take on holiday, plus a big body wash which I loveeeee.

My sister got my two John Green books too, I'm desperate to read more of his stuff since reading The Fault in Our Stars. These will be joining me on holiday too. As well as all those goodies I got lots of gift cards and money, so I'm ready to spend, spend, spend!

Katie xx

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Instagram #12

I have LOVED this week, the sun has been shining and some how that makes everything better! My birthday started off with a bang - or rather a thud as my exhaust fell off the night before, so I spent yesterday morning in a car garage. However the day got much better after we were £200 lighter..So here is my week mainly dedicated to my birthday and the sunshine.

This stuff is amazing, and smells sooooo good
McFlurry weather
Gluten Free Crumpets
Countdown begins
Birthday goodies
Picnic in the sun
Fig + Yarrow salts I've wanted forever
On the train to Manchester for tea
Pampering myself after a fab day

As they say things can only get better, and they did. Now we just need a new radiator and we've practically got a brand spanking new car..

What have you been up to in the sun?

Katie xx


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Happy Birthday to me.

Image pinched from Pinterest

For those that don't know, today is my 23rd birthday, happy birthday to me! This is the first time for 11 years, I've had a birthday on a Saturday, this is very exciting. Today I will be spending time being lazy and eating lots.

Have a nice weekend

Katie xx

Thursday, 6 June 2013

What's on my dressing table.

Please excuse the quality of these photos, my camera is a little temperamental so I've edited them as best I could. Any how, I decided to do a little 'What's on my dressing table' post. I'm not sure if this is a 'tag' that has been floating around the blogging world, but I just wanted to share a little of my space with you. I love a good nosey around other people's house when they do posts like this, so it's your chance to have a nosey at mine. So here's my dressing table...

I have unbelievable amounts of rabbit related items dotted about, including cards - that I've never sent to anyone and I've bought purely for the bunnies. My little rabbit ring holder, has my most worn jewellery in (it also has my wedding rings in at the moment, while I'm at work). My favourite bunny is the porcelain one that's painted like a dutch rabbit, it's so cute.

The messy side of my dressing table is mainly uni related stuff and letters from my penpals. I love to display my letters and any little treats they sent me, so I can read them when ever I want to. I also have a little pile of letters that just won't quite fit on my board! 

As you can see one of my drawers is filled with lots of beauty goodies and is my 'go to' drawer if I'm ever in need of something. The majority of my everyday products are kept in this one, and certainly my most used products are in there too. 

I hope you like this mini tour of my dressing table, leave your link if you've done something similar, I love a good peek at other people's goodies!

Katie xx
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