Thursday, 30 May 2013

Katie & Ambition Blush.

I think every blogger and their dog knew all about the Illamasqua sale a week or so ago. If you were living under a cave, it was 50% off anything online. I'd been eyeing up the blushes for some time, so this was the perfect opportunity to give one of their products ago. I've seen a few mixed opinions on what the Illamasqua customer service was like, however I thought it was fab and had no problems at all.

I've never had a product from Illamasqua before so really didn't know what the quality would be like, other than from reviews from other bloggers. I have to see I am a total convert. The pigment in both the blushes is unbelievable, it is so good and lasts all day. Katie (obviously had to buy this) is the pinkiest of the two colours and gives a gorgeous rosy cheeked look on my super pale skin. Ambition is the darker rose colour with little flecks of gold, which is perfect as a blush/highlighter combination and looks fab too.

These colours are really suited to my pale skin, I'm really impressed and now I'm desperate to try out more of Illamasqua products. I think for the pigmentation and wear time these are really reasonably priced too. 

Did you get anything in the sale?

Katie xx


  1. I didn't know about the sale until afterwards else I would have ordered something! Lovely blush :-)

    Megan x

  2. Unfortunately I couldn't get my order to go through it time because the site kept crashing :( I've been loving seeing what people bought though! This blush looks absolutely gorgeous and I love the packaging! :)

    Love, Hails x |

  3. Lovely shades!

    Emma x

  4. Ooooh this looks very pretty! I've gone a bit blusher mad recently, I never used to wear any at all but I seem to be gathering a large collection pretty swiftly. Must.. resist!

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