Sunday, 26 May 2013

Instagram #10.

Another week bites the dust. This week was pretty exciting for me, uni-wise. I spent time in a few different places and got to see a lot of different things. Other than that, it mainly consisted of new beauty things, food and drink. So here is my week according to Instagram:

I made FAR too many cupcakes
I've started the Blogilates Challenges on YouTube
Hubby brought me roses
Double Dip - enough said
Illamasqua goodies
Lovely shower gel
Mojito from Swimwear 365 event
I FINALLY found MY coke!
Free Chanel Sample

This week had flown past, but at the same time felt like a long one. Maybe it's the excitement of another bank holiday weekend. What are you plans with an extra day off?

Katie xx

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  1. The Blogilates Challenges look really good!

    Jamie ♥

  2. I found my coke the other day too hehe! I was way too excited.

  3. Free Chanel samples are the best :)) I have been trying to get a Coke with my name but no lush so far haha! Lovely photos hun! <3

    Andrea | RosyChicc

  4. I really want a Coke with my name on but it will never happen :(. The drink looks lovely, and you can never have enough cupcakes haha.



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