Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Home Sweet Home.

Anyone else love being a tourist in your own town? The sun this weekend was perfect for exploring nearby. I love how close we live to the canal which makes summertime walks amazing. I love where we live, it's the perfect mix of countryside and city/town life. Plus we get to make new friends in the fields nearby.

Katie xx


  1. I love being a tourist in my own area! It's even better when you discover things you never knew existed. xx

  2. What a great idea, I grew up in the countryside, I can't say I really miss it but its always nice to be lost in green fields and the countryside for a couple of hours!

  3. Pretty pony! I know how you feel, it is lovely rediscovering your home. I always travel around and never look around the town I live! Tomorrow I am going for a walk and loving my home!

    Em x

  4. Aww how cute is the pony! I love living in the country but close to a town too, best of both worlds.



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